Free Samples and Stuff for Machine Embroider

FREE CRAFT SUPPLIES! COOL N FREE! Interested in getting free samples and free craft supplies, checkout these offers. Please read the offer carefully. Some offers require SASE (self-addressed stamp envelope) or other requirements. Do not miss out on new free craft samples; check back often!

CTS USA Samples
Request 2 free samples by sending brief letter along with SASE. Samples are different types of elastic, hanger foam cover and hanger tapes. CTS USA
Saral® Wax Free Transfer Paper
Free sample of all 5 colors of Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper in a brochure that explains ways to use it. Use to transfer a pattern, template or free hand design to ANY SURFACE ... wood, fabrics, paper, metal, canvas, ceramics, stained glass. (SASE) Saral Paper Corporation
Thread - Free Snippet Service
Craft Connection provides free sample colors of thread by sending a self-addresses stamped envelope. This allows you to match colors. Craft Connection

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