Ceramic Crafts 

What is ceramic crafts? According to the dictionary it is "the art or technology of making objects of clay and similar materials treated by firing". Need a relaxing, creative endeavor; try ceramics.


Banding Strap
Banding straps secure the mold before casting. This article has step-by-step instructions for assembling the strap. Boothe Mold
Basic Ceramic Techniques
How to clean greenware, apply base coat, cry brush, apply glitter, apply decals and more. Ann's Ceramics
Bisque - Painting Tips
Painting tips for unpainted ceramic bisque. Ceramic Art Space
How cones work and cone temperature charts. Big Ceramic Store
Crazing - Understanding Crazing
Crazing is fine hairline cracks in a glazed ceramic piece. Learn about it here. American Ceramics
Firing - Type
Learn about oxidation, reduction, salt, wood and raku firing. Big Ceramic Store
Glaze Manufacturers
Contact informaation for glaze supplies - names and telephone numbers. Big Ceramic Store
Glaze Problems and Solutions
Glaze problems discussed are pinholes, crazing, shivering, crawling/creeping, blisters and settling-out. Big Ceramic Store
Making your own glazes. Big Ceramic Store
Glazes - Mixing Dry Glazes
Information on mixing dry glazes. Big Ceramic Store
Glazes and Glaze Types
All about glazes. Big Ceramic Store
Glossary - Ceramic Dictionary
Ceramic terms and definition. Ceramic Art Space
Glossary - Ceramic Terms
A glossary of ceramic terms and words. Boothe Mold
How-to - How to make drip free spouts
An article on how to make drip free spouts. Frog Pond Pottery
Kiln Safety
Simple and important safeguards for operating a kiln. Ceramic Art Space
Lesson Plans
Duncan Colorwork program offers ceramic art lesson plans for teachers and parents to use for children of all ages. I Love to Create
Mold - Cast Ceramic Marbles
How to instruction for casting ceramic marbles totally round and the pour hole is missing. Boothe Mold
Mold - Pouring and Clip Casting
How to pour ceramics slip into a plaster mold. Ceramic Art Space
Projects - Clay Projects
**Coil pottery **Slab Construction **Making and Attaching Handles **Pinch Pot Construction **Rope Trivet Ceramic Art Space
Technique - Creating Dots
How to creat dots on a ceramic item. I Love to Create
Technique - Glaze Dipping
Follow these easy steps for successful dipping. I Love to Create
Technique - Stenciling on Bisque
Easy steps for stenciling on bisque. I Love to Create

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