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About Stained Glass

There are many different types of stained glass. Learn more here. Warner-Crivellaro

Breaking Glass

Information on the three methods for breaking glass. Warner-Crivellaro

Copper Foil

Learn the copper foil techniques for stained glass. Warner-Crivellaro

Cutting Circles

Step-by-step process for cutting circles for stained glass projects. Warner-Crivellaro

Cutting Glass to a Pattern

Two methods for cutting glass to a pattern are discussed. Warner-Crivellaro

Glass Cutting

What type of surface should you use? How should you hold the cutter? Learn more here. Warner-Crivellaro

Leading Techniques

Leading techniques in stained glassing. Warner-Crivellaro

Making a Lampshade

Step-by-step instruction for making a lampshade for your stained glass project. Warner-Crivellaro

Software - Glass Eye 2000

The premier software for stained glass design. Free 30-day trial! Dragonfly Software

Soldering Techniques

Soldering techniques in stained glass. Warner-Crivellaro


Stained Glass Pattern - FREE PATTERNS

Hundreds of free stained glass patterns. Delphi Glass

Stained Glass Patterns

Free patterns. Rapidsizer

Stained Glass Patterns

Hundreds of free stained glass patterns. Warner-Crivellaro

Stained Glass Patterns - Free Stained Glass Patterns

Lots of free patterns. Chantal's Stained Glass

Stained Glass Tools and Supplies

All about the tools and supplies in stained glass. Warner-Crivellaro

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