Yarns and Threads

All about crocheting yarns and crocheting threads - color charts, how to dye yarn, conversion charts, about yarn labels and more.

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Caring for Your Yarn

Lions brand yarn feature universal care symbols. Learn the symbols and how to care for the yarn. Lion Brand

Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid

Try dyeing wool yarn with kool-aid; its safe and fun. Wool Festival

How to Buy Enough Yarn

The wraps per inch method. Wool Festival

Pearl Cotton - What is pearl cotton?

A brief description of this thread; pearl cotton. Wise Geek

Standard Yarn Weight System

A chart of types of yarn, yarn symbol, needle and hook size, etc. Craft Yarn Council


About crochet thread - terminology, varieties and brands. Crochet Memories

Threads - Substituting

An article on how to substitute crochet threads. Our Pastimes

Yarn Conversion Chart

This yarn conversion chart is useful for converting yarn for different country measurement scales. Crochet Hooks You

Yarn Conversion Chart

Chart to convert yarns between US, UK and Australia. Jackie's Crochet and Knitting

Yarn Conversion Chart

Handy calculator to convert grams to ounces or ounces to grams. Bubamara Design

Yarn Dictionary

Learn yarn terms, i.e. cone, gauge, frosts, and more. Crochet Cabana

Yarn Label Information

Yarn symbols are being introduced to designate the yarn weights or thickness. Learn more here. Craft Yarn Council

Yarn Shop Directory

Welcome to the LARGEST online Yarn Shop Directory for the U.S.! Choose a state and locate a yarn shop. Sweater Babe

Yarn Size and Substitute

Chart with yarn sizes. And how to determine yarn type or size by gauge. Fiber Gypsy

Yarn Storage Ideas

Great ideas. Crafty Storage

Yarn Substitute - Yarn Switcher

Find the perfect Bernat yarn for your project. Bernat

Yarn Thickness Chart


Learn about the new yarns. Crochet 911 & Knit 911

Yarns - Caron Yarns

A guide to Caron yarns - learn more details about the different types of Caron yarns Caron International

Yarns - Coats and Clark

Learn detailed information on Coats and Clark yarn - J&P, Aunt Lydia, Red Heart, Opera Crochet Thread, TLC and more. Coats and Clark

Yarns Chart

This chart is of the different types of yarn, their makeup and also has UK/Australian equivalent. Lion Brand

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