Friendship Bracelets 

Ideas for making friendship bracelets - books, instructions, and more. Have Fun!


img Cool Stuff Friendship Bracelets
Fun to wear and fun to make - 48 friendship bracelets. by Carolyn Yates; Leisure Arts - Paperback - Published 1999 Amazon
img Friendship Bracelet (Video)
A video on how to make a simple finger knitted friendship bracelet.
img Friendship Bracelets
Super-clear directions for ten different kinds of bracelets, with all the colorful floss and beads you need to make all of them. by Klutz - Published 1996 Amazon
img Friendship Bracelets (Kids Can Do It)
Fun bracelets to make for your friends. by Camilla Gryski - Paperback - Published 1992 Amazon
img Hemp Bracelets (Klutz)
Natural fiber bracelets. by Anne Akers Johnson - Spiral-bound - Published 1998 Amazon
Chunky Friendship Bracelet
Weave a chunky friendship bracelet. Making
Daisy Friendship Bracelet
Pony beads and cord are used to make this sunny friendship bracelet. Making
Friendship Bracelet
How to make a friendship bracelet. wikiHow
Friendship Bracelet
How to make a cross knot friendship bracelet. wikiHow
Friendship Bracelet
How to make a friendship bracelet.
Friendship Bracelet
Howt to make a charming friendship bracelet. How Stuff Works
Friendship Bracelet
How to make a friendship bracelet. Making Gizmos
Friendship Bracelet
Caron Collection
Friendship Bracelet
Instructions for making a friendship bracelet with various colors of embroidery thread. PBS Kids
Friendship Bracelet - Video
A video on how to make a friendship bracelet. You Tube
Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelt instructions. How to Make Jewelry
Friendship Bracelets
Basic instructions for making friendship bracelets. DLTK's Sites Growing Together
Friendship Bracelets
Make a friendship bracelet for all your friends. Ben Franklin Crafts
Friendship Bracelets
Make friendship bracelets from yarn or embroidery thread. DinoPals
Friendship Bracelets
These friendship bracelets are made with beads and plastic coated wire. Crafts For Kids
Sample Designs
This links has sample designs for friendship bracelets. Erich's Place at Stetson University

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