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Magnetic Magic: Magic Tricks Done With Magnets

Nifty magic tricks that rely on the deceptive use of magnets, complete with ten magnets and one magnetizable coin. by Paul Doherty, John Cassidy - Published 1994 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Card Trick - Identify the Card

An audience volunteer picks a card in his/her head and the magician identifies the card. Kid Zone

Card Trick - Into Thin Air

Make a card vanish into thin air! Mystery Net

Card Trick - The Four Robbers Trick

You place the four Jacks within the deck. You tap the deck, and they magically rise to the top! TrickyTricks

Coin Trick - Coin Balance Trick

You can balance a coin at your fingertips, but no one else can! Tricky Tricks

Coin Trick - Vanishing Coin Trick

You place a coin and a glass on a table. You cover the glass with a handkerchief and move it over the coin. Remove the hankerchief and the coin has vanished! Cover the glass again, move it away, and the coin has reappeared! Tricky Tricks

Handkerchief Trick - The Hypnotized Handkerchief

Tricky Tricks

Hanky Standup Trick

Make a handkerchief move up and down at your command as if it is standing up. Tricky Tricks

Magician's Rules

Rules for magicians. Mystery Net

Rope Trick - Challenge Knot Tie

Challenge your friends to tie a knot in a piece of rope without letting go of the ends. None of them will be able to do it, but you will! Tricky Tricks

String Trick - Cut and Restore String

A string or rope is cut into two pieces, and then magically restored into one piece! Tricky Tricks

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