Spool Knitting 

Spool knitting is also known as corking, Knitting Nancy, French knitter and Bizzy Lizzy. This fun, easy craft is ideal for kids of all ages, from 4 to 99. Lots of useful information on spool knitting is here.


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img Cool Spool Knitting Kit
Knit bracelets, pins and other fabulous accessories with a spool knitter. by Alex Amazon
img Corking (Kids Can Easy Crafts)
Need project ideas for those long knitted snakes created by spool knitting. Here's the book for you - lots of creative projects. by Judy Ann Sadler - Paperback - Published 1998 Amazon
Products - More Spool Knitting Products
Kits, spool knitters. Needlepointers.com
img Spool Knit Jewelry: Make Beautiful Bracelets, Anklets and Rings
This book written by Anne Akers Johnson feature step-by-step instructions for creating some simple crochet and spool knit jewelry. by Anne Akers Johnson - Published 2004 Amazon
img Bookmark - Spool Knitted Bookmark
This video will show you how to make a spool knitter flower bookmark. Needlepointers.com
img Bow Using Spool Knitting Cord
Learn how to make a bow using spool knitting cord.. These bows can be used to make refrigerator magnets, necklaces, pins, hair barrettes or as embellishments on all types of craft projects. Needlepointers.com
img Breast Cancer AwarenessSpool Knitted Pin
This video by Needlepointers.com will show you how to make a breast cancer awareness pin with spool knitting cord. This project can also be used as a key chain or magnet. Needlepointers.com
img Dollhouse Rug using Spool Knitter (Video)
This video will show you how to make a dollhouse rug (American Girl) Needlepointers.com
img Spool Knitted Headband
A video on how to make a spool knitted headband. Needlepointers.com
img Spool Knitting (Video)
Learn how to spool knit with this instructional video. Needlepointers.com
img Spool Knitting - Spool Knitted Flower
A video on how to make a spool knitted flower. This can be used as embellishments. Needlepointers.com
img American Girl Doll Jump Rope
How to make a jump rope for an 18" doll or American Girl Doll using a spool knitter. Needlepointers.com
img Candy Cane Ornament
A tutorial on how to make adorable candy cane ornaments using a spool knitter. Needlepointers.com
How to Make a Spool Knitter
Instructions on how to make a spool knitter. eHow
How to Make A Spool Knitter
This articles tells you how to make your own spool knitter; also known as a corking spool or corker. All free Crafts
How to Use a Corker or Do Spool Knitting
Simple text instructions for using a spool knitter or corker. All Fiber Arts
How to use a knitting spool
Text and pictorial instructions for the knitting spool also known as the knitting nancy, knitting knobby, french knitter, corking. Knitting-and.com
Knitting Spool Directions
Directions for spool knitting by Parker Brothers. Hasbro
PDF Free Adobe Reader is required to view this link. Click the icon to open a new browser window and download the Free Adobe Reader.
img Shoe Laces (Spool Knitting)
A tutorial on how to personalize shoes and sneakers with spool knitted shoe laces.
img Snowman Ornament (Spool Knitting)
How to spool knit a snowman ornament. Needlepointers.com
Spool Knit
How to spool knit. eHow
Spool Knitting
Over the years the spool knitting tool has been called corker, corking spool, knitting spool, knitting knobby, knitting nancy, french knitter and even Bizzy Lizzy. This site has instructions including illustrations on using this tool. Yarn Lover's Room
Spool Knitting
Instructions on how to use a spool knitter and how to finish a project. By Bob Lafara Bob's Stuff
When spool knitting use a seam ripper instead of a pick, pointer or crochet hook to pull the bottom loop over the top yarn. Needlepointers.com
Spool Knitting (French Kniiter) Video
A video showing how to spool knit. Red Heart
Spool Knitting - For You and the Kids
This site shows you how to make a spool knitter with a toilet paper roll, popsicle sticks and simple craft supplies. Also has instructions for how to use the spool knitter. Craft Sanity
Spool Knitting by Mary A. McCormack
Online book, Spool Knitting, by Mary A. McCormack which has instructions on how to spool knit and lots of projects. Chest of Books
Spool Knitting Instructions
Spool Knitting (or Corking) is another method of making a knitted cord, like I-cord. Text and pictorial instructions. Sweaterscapes
Spool Knitting Projects
Lots of free spool knitting projects. Needlepointers.com
The Lost Art of the Knitting Nancys
Pictures and instructions on how to make and use the knitting nancy (also know as the spool knitter). Waynes This and That

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