Tea Bag Folding 

Tea bag folding is a paper folding craft which originated in Europe and got it name because originally tea bag wrappers were used. It is also called kaleidoscope folding.

Small squares of identical patterned paper, usually eight of them, are folded exactly the same way and then combined in attractive geometric patterns to form a round motif or medallion. The finished design can be used on handmade greeting cards, decorative ornaments and as scrapbook embellishments.


img Tea Bag Folded Greetings Cards
Create unique greeting cards using the tea bag folding technique. by Kim Reygate - Paperback - Published 2003 Amazon
img Tea Bag Folding
Exploring fantastic paper decorations made with squares of beautifully decorated paper—otherwise known as tea bag folding. by Janet Wilson, Tiny van der Plas - Paperback - Published 2009 Amazon
img Tea Bag Folding Through the Seasons
Multidimensional paper art is simple to design and fun to fold. This step-by-step instructional book guides crafters through the paper-folding process, revealing the how-tos of adding style and dimension to handcrafted greeting cards. by Sharon Reinhart - Paperback - Published 2011 Amazon
img Teabag Folding 2: 22 Perforated Papers
Complete with instructions and folding diagrams, these projects are perfect for embellishing greeting cards, scrapbooks, wrapping paper, and collages. by Search Press - Paperback - Published 2008 Amazon
Tea Bag Folding
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Tea Bag Folding
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Tea Bag Folding
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Tea Bag Folding
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Tea Bag Folding
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Tea Bag Folding - 8-point pinwheel
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Tea Bag Folding - Kaleidoscope Cards
Craft Creations
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Tea Bag Folding - Rosette
Teabag Folding Instructions ScrapbookScrapbook
Tea Bag Folding Demo
Step-by-step demo. MystudioD3
Tea Bag Folding Instructions
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Tea Bag Tiles - Printable
Handcrafted Greetings
Tea Bag Tiles - Printable
Shirl's Home on the Web
Tea Bag Tiles - Printable
Shirl's Home on the Web
Tea Bag Tiles - Printable
Rosemarie's New Tea-Bag Folding Website

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