Words of Wisdom 

Tips, hints and ideas for making craft projects fun and easy for children and parents.


When you have scraps of craft foam - use a hole punch and punch out a bunch of circles. They can be used in a variety of projects or as confetti. Craft Elf
Use an old, adult-size tee-shirt as a smock for your child which painting or doing any type of messy craft. Needlepointers.com
When working with glitter - work over a paper towel or a piece of paper. After sprinkling the glitter over the glued area, fold the paper towel in half and pour the extra back into your container. The glitter lasts much longer this way!! Craft Elf
When applying glue with a glue stick to small pieces of paper - Lay a scrap sheet of paper under the pieces you are applying glue to. This will keep glue from getting on your work surface. Craft Elf

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