Eraser Stamps 

Learn how to make custom stamp with erasers - pencil erasers and gum erasers.


Eraser Stamps
Learn how to make rubber stamps by carving erasers. Der Mad Stamper
Eraser Stamps
How to instructions for creating your on rubber stamps with erasers. Letterboxing
Eraser Stamps
Bundle pencils erasers to make flowers and grapes. CraftoArt
Eraser Stamps
How to carve eraser stamps in 15 minutes or less. The Country Chic Cottage
Eraser Stamps - Carving Erasers
How to carve erasers (different types) into stamping tools. TAM
Eraser Stamps - How To Carve Your Own Stamp
Carving an eraser is one of the most popular ways to make your own stamps. If you have any artistic talent (and even if you don't) you may want to give this technique a try. Ultimate Rubber Stamp Mall
Erasr Stamps - Eraser Carving
Lesson Plan: Eraser Carving by Carolyn Hasenfratz

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