Create purses, wallets and more with juice bags.


img Planet Pouch
Simple Juice Pouch Bags Anyone Can Make. by Brooks Jones - Kindle Book
Backpack - Juice Pouch Backpack
How to make a juice pouch backpack. Textiles 4 You
Belt - Juice Pouch Belt
Create a belt with juice pouches. Obsessively Stitching
Capri Sun Purse
How to make a Capri Sun purse. WikiHow
Checkbook Cover
Create a checkbook cover with juice bag pouches. Thrifty Fun
Grocery Bag - Juice Pouch Grocery Bag
Make a useful grocery bag by recycling juice pouches. A Few Short Cuts
Headband - Juice Bag Headband
A tutorial on how to make a headband by recycling juice bags. Twelve Crafts till Christmas
Jammer Juice Pouch - Coin Purse
Easy coin purse project with juice bags. Craftbits.com
Juice Bag Lunch Bag
This lunch bag is easy to make and durable. It makes great use of Kool-Jammer or Capri Sun pouches. Thrifty Fun
Juice Pouch Purse
How to make a juice pouch purse. eHow
Kool-Aide Jammers Lunch Sack
Make a lunch sack with juice bags. Instructables
Lunch Bag - Juice Pouch Lunch Bag
A great inexpensive project from juice bags. Instructables
Pencil Bag
A way to recycle those juice drink bags into a fun pencil holder perfect for back to school. Skip To My Lou
Purse - Juice Bag Purse
A tutorial on how to make a juice bag purse. Little White Schoolhouse
Purse - Juice Wrapper Coin Purse
Instructions and photos for making a juice wrapper coin purse. Craftbits.com
Purse - Tang Pouch Purse
Instructions for sewing a Tang juice bag purse. Craftster.org
Tote Bag - Juice Bag Tote Bag
Sew a recycled tote bag out of juice bags. Canadian Living
Wallet - Koolaid Jammers Wallet
Instructions and photo. Craftster.org
Wallets - Kool Aid Jammer Wallet
Instructions for Koolaid Jammer wallet. Thrifty Fun

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