Iris Folding 

Iris folding is a paper folding technique used in card making, scrapbooking or framed as a picture. With iris folding you start with a numbered drawing or pattern, cut the numbered shape from paper or card stock, and place the strips of paper according to the pattern.


img 460 Iris Folded Cards to Make
The Complete Iris Folding Compendium by Maruscha Gaasenbeek, Tine Beauveser - Paperback - Published 2008 Amazon
img Iris Folding Papers - 24 Perforated Papers
A selection of iris folding papers with templates. by Search Press - Paperback - Published 2005 Amazon
img Iris Folding with Envelopes
Patterns for a sail boat, pin wheel, tea pot, triangle, butterflies, kite, balloon and more. Iris folding is a wonderful and easy way to make very unique cards. by Maruscha Gaasenbeek, Tine Beauveser - Paperback - Published 2002 Amazon
img Iris Folding: Festive Iris Folding
This book contains the basic instructions materials needed and the folding patterns for flowers, circles, hearts,chick, baby booties and more. by Maruscha Gaasenbeek, Tine Beauveser - Paperback - Published 2002 Amazon
img Elegant Iris Folding
Fun and easy iris folding for all ages. by Maruscha Gaasenbeek, Tine Beauveser - Paperback - Published 2003 Amazon
Iris Folded Card
Make a pretty card using the iris folding technique. Dot Com Women
Iris Folding
An introduction to iris folding. Card Inspirations
Iris Folding
Brief explanation of iris folding and how to make a iris fold along with a few templates. Origami Resource Center
Iris Folding - Circle
A paper folding technique - iris folding. Go Mark Something
Iris Folding - Square
Paper folding technique. Go Make Something
Iris Folding Instructions
Step-by-step instructions for creating an iris folded card. Design Inspirations with Dawn Bibby
Iris Folding Patterns and Instructions
Lovely iris folding patterns for use in cardmaking. Handcrafted Greetings
Patterns - Free Iris Folding Patterns
Picture Trail
Templates - Iris Folding Templates
Hexagon Iris, Pentagon Iris, Square Iris and Triangle Iris - download templates and color codes. Handcrafted Greetings

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