Kirigami is a paper art in which you fold and cut the paper into interesting designs. Paper snowflakes are a form of kirigami. Kirigami designs and motifs can be used in greeting card making and scrapbooking.


img 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards
Easy-to-follow directions-as well as cut-out templates for projects. by Keiko Nakazawa - Paperback - Published 2006 Amazon
img Christmas Kirigami
Fun with paper folding and cutting including 10 patterns and 14 colored kirigami papers. by Joyce Hwang - Paperback - Published 2008 Amazon
img Snowflakes for all Seasons
72 Fold & Cut Paper Snowflakes by Cindy Higham - Paperback - Published 2004 Amazon
What is Kirigami?
This link is a description of kirigami.
Brief description of kirigami and directions for making a few kirigami designs - snowflake and flower. Origami Resource Center
Kirigami - Teachers Lesson Plan
A idea for introducing students to the Japanese art of Kirigami. Education World
Kirigami for Kids
Simple kirigami designs for kids. Origami Resource Center

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