Sewing Videos

Sewing Videos 

These sewing video tutorials will help with basic sewing methods and also advanced sewing techniques.


img Doll Holiday Party Dress
This video shows and explains how to make an adorable holiday party dress for an American Girl Doll or an 18" doll.
img Doll No-Sew T-Shirt
Learn how to make a quick and easy no-sew tee shirt for an 18" doll (American Girl doll).
img Doll Skirt for 18" or American Girl Doll
A video on how to make a simple skirt for a doll.
img Doll Sleeping Bag
A video showing a doll sleeping bag for an 18" doll or American Girl Doll.
img Doll Tote Bag (Video)
This tutorial will show you how to make a cute tote bag for your 18" or American Girl Doll.
img Fabric Tubes (Video) - Turning tubes right side out
Learn how to turn fabric tubes right side out with this handy, dandy sewing tool, the Dritz Quick Turn.
img Halloween - Pumpkin Roll
How to make cute Halloween decoration - a pumpkin roll craft. This is a easy, kid-friendly craft.
img Hand Sewing - Backstitch (Video)
This tutorial is on how to hand-sew a backstitch. This stitch is a strong sturdy stitch resembling machine stitching in appearance. It can be used for joining two seams together or mending a seam.
img Hand Sewing - Hem Stitch (Slip Stitch)
This video will show you how to do the hem stitch which is also known as the slip stitch. This hemming stitch is almost invisible on both sides of the garment. The stitch can also be used to finish pillows.
img Hand Sewing - Running Stitch
This video is on how-to stitch a running stitch. The running stitch is used to ease, baste, gather or temporarily join two pieces of fabric together.
img How to Hand Sew A Button
Learn how to hand sew a button onto a garment or project.
img How to Machine Sew On A Button
This tutorial will show how to sew on a button using a sewing machine with a built-in button stitch.
img How to Machine Sew On A Button
This video will demonstrate how to sew on a button a sewing machine and the zigzag stitch. If your sewing machine doesn't have a built-in button stitch, you can use the zigzag stitch to sew on buttons. Learn how with this video.
img Laddet Stitch/Blind Stitch
This tutorial will show you how to close on open seam on a pillow, stuffed animal and many sewing projects. The ladder stitch also known and the blind stitch or invisible stitch will finish an open seam so it is completely invisible.
img Pencil Case for a Doll
This video will show you how to make a pencil case for an American Girl Doll or 18" doll.
img Pillowcase - Rolled Up Method
This tutorial shows how to sew a pillowcase. For this pillowcase method, all the seams are finished and the pillow case will not fray. This is another excellent project for teaching a child to sew or for beginner sewers.
img Seam - Flat Felled Seam (Video)
A flat felled seam is commonly seen on sportswear and menswear. It is a strong flat seam that will not fray. This tutorial will show how to make a flat felled seam, commonly seen on jeans and denim jackets, that has two rows of stitches on the right side of the fabric.
img Seam - French Seam (Video)
A video on how to sew a French seam which give a project a neat, professional-looking finish, with no raw edges.
img Seam - Lapped Seam (Video)
A lapped seam is formed when one fabric layer is lapped over the other and topstitched in place. There are two ways to construct a lapped seam. This video will show you how to use the lapped seam when stitching a seam is difficult such as when sewing a blouse yoke or curved pieces
img Seam - Mock French Seam (Video)
This video is on how to sew a mock French seam. The mock French seam is a seam finishing technique which gives the project a neat, professional-looking finish.
img Seam Finishing Technique - Clean Finished Seam (Turn and Stitch Seam)
This video with show you the seam finish called the clean finish edge, which is also known as the turn and stitch seam.
img Seam Finishing Technique - Double Stitched Seam
This video is on how to finish a seam using the double stitched seam method.
img Seams - Lapped seam on leather, fleece, felt or suede
A lapped seam is when one piece of fabric is lapped over the other and topstitched in place. This is the type of seam to use when sewing leather, fleece, felt and suede. YouTube
img T-Shirt PIllow
A video on how to sew a t-shirt pillow.
img T-Shirt Tote (Video)
A video tutorial on how to recycle an old tee shirt into a tote bag.
img Apron - Pre-printed Apron Panel
How to make a apron with a lining using a pre-printed apron panel.
img Baby Bib
This tutorial will explain how to sew a simple reversible baby bib. Nice gift idea! Simple enough even kids can learn to sew making this project.
img Basket - Pop-Up Basket
Learn about a cute pop-up basket made by Annette & Chris at a quilt retreat. The pattern is by the Fat Quarter Gypsy.
img Blind Hem Stitch Using the Sewing Machine
This video is on how to sew a blind hem stitch with a sewing machine. You can use this stitch to hem pants, skirts, curtain, etc.
img Bobbin - How to Wind A Bobbin
Learn how to wind a bobbin.
img Curtain - Kitchen Curtain
This tutorial will show you how to sew kitchen curtains with a rod pocket and ruffle at top.
img Doll Fleece Hat
Learn how to sew a cute and easy fleece doll hat with fringe.
img Edgestitching (Topstitching)
A video on how to edgestitch which is sometimes referred to as topstitch. . Edge stitching is a finishing stitch which is sewn on the right side of the fabric very close to the edge. It is a decorative stitch.
img Envelope Pillow
How to make an envelope pillow cover with a back-flapped closure.
img Fabric Jar Toppers
This video will show how to make fabric mason jar covers. These quick and easy fabric jar toppers make mason jars gifts very attractive and cute..
A quick tip and idea on how to store fabric by repurposing an old DVD video cabinet.
img Fat Quarter Pop Up Container
This fat quarter pop up is a fun, handy little container that pops! Learn more and how to make this project.
img Fleece Infinity Scarf
A video tutorial on how to make fleece infinity scarf. This is a perfect project for beginners. It is fast, easy and so much fun.
img Fleece Scarf with Fringe
How to sew a fleece scarf with fringe. Learn to sew with this simple sewing project.
img Fold 'N Stitch Wreath share a personal project, Fold 'n Stitch Wreath. This project can be used as a wall hanging or candle table topper.
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