Ideas for making playhouses. DIY ideas for playhouses.


img e Barn Card Table Playhouse
Have hours of barn raising fun with this barn playhouse which cleverly sits on a card table supported by a PVC pipe structure. Sold at
img e McCall's Children's Playhouse
CHILDREN'S PLAYHOUSE: To cover 33" W × 33" L × 29" H card table. Includes pattern pieces and sewing instructions. Sold at
img e Pink Play House
Card table playhouse. Sold at
img e Yellow School Bus Playhouse
Designed by a Mom to encourage kids to use and develop their imagination. Made from high-quality, washable fabric. Sold at
Army Bunker Tent
How to make a army bunker tent. Obsessively Stitching
Bunk Bed Fort Tutorial
A Lemon Squeezy Home
Car Wash - Toy Car Wash
Filth Wizardry
Card Table Bakery
Idea for make a card table bakery. Making It Sweet
Card Table Fort
Make It and Love It
Card Table Playhouse
How to sew a card table house. Mary-ed Life
Card Table Playhouse Tips
Nothing Fancy
Card Table Playhouse Tutorial
Sew Much Ado
Card Table Tent
How to instructions. Old Days Old Ways
Cardboard Playhouse
How to make a cardboard playhouse. A girl and A Glue Gun
Cardboard Playhouses
Do It Yourself for making kid playhouses. A Beautiful Mess
Castle - Cardboard Castle
A Little Tipsy
img Doll House for 18" Doll (American Girl Doll)
A video showing the doll house made for an 18 inch doll (American Girl Doll) using tutorial by My Froggy Stuff.
Gingerbread House
Instructions. Alpha Mom
Ice Cream Shop
Childhood 101
Playhouse - Cardboard Playhouse
Plans and instructions for an eco-friendly, thrifty playhouse. Make Baby Stuff
Rocket Ship - Giant Cardboard Rocket Ship
Filth Wizardry
Create fun tepees with a canvas dropcloth, dowels and bungees. Lowes Creative Ideas
Teepee - Playtime Teepee
PDF Free Adobe Reader is required to view this link. Click the icon to open a new browser window and download the Free Adobe Reader.
Teepee - Twin-Sheet Teepee
Obsessively Stitching
How to make a card table tent. Creative Chicks

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