Free craft projects made with craft sticks.


Basket - Popsicle Stick Basket
Butterly Wand
This is a great craft to do at a children's party. Enchanted Learning
Christmas Star and Peppermint Frame
Two craft stick project which children will enjoy making. Danielle's Place
Chrstimas Craft Stick Wreath
TLC - How Stuff Works
Craft Stick Crate
A handy storage crate. Pacon
Craft Stick Flag
This is a simple-to-make US flag made from craft sticks. Enchanted Learning
Craft Stick Trinket Box
Free Kids Crafts
Craft Sticks and Ribbon Pen Holder
FDC - Factory Direct Craft
Creative Picture Frame
A 3-d picture frame from craft sticks. KinderArt
Dragonfly Craft
Make a dragonfly using craft sticks. About.com
Heart Angel
Cute angel make from construction paper and craft sticks. DLTK's Sites Growing Together
Kitchen Utensil Holder
A craft stick project. Making Friends.com
Lincoln Log Cabin
A simple-to-make Lincoln Log Cabin to celebrate President's Day. Enchanted Learning
Napkin Holder
Make a napkin holder with craft sticks. TLC
Peek-a-Boo Groundhog Craft
Instructions for making a Peek-A-Boo Groundhog puppet from craft stick and cup. About.com
Pencil Holder
Create a pencil holder with craft sticks and an empty toilet paper roll. Making Friends.com
Plant Pals
Adorable, creative plant sticks from popsicle craft sticks. Making Friends.com
Pom Poms - Finger Method
How to make the perfect pom pom - Basic Finger Directions. Nancy's Pom Pom Palace
Popsicle Stick Bracelet
Suzy's Sitcom
Rudolph Popsicle Stick
This is a simple reindeer craft that even the youngest Christmas enthusiasts can make. DLTK's Sites Growing Together

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