Filet Crochet 

Filet crochet technique is a net or lace of square mesh made from rows of double crochet with some of the mesh empty and some filled. Simply filet crochet is two types of meshes or squares: filled and open. With filet crochet you only need to know the chain stitch and the double crochet stitch.


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Filet Crochet : Projects and Designs

Full instructions for working squares plus charts, photographs for over 50 projects, including doilies, tablecloths, centerpieces and more. by F. W., Mrs., Ed. Kettelle - Paperback - Published 1978 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Filet Crochet from Yesterday

Filet Crochet from Yesterday is full of patterns that can be used in a variety of ways. Make a bedspread, edge a doily, make linen insertions for a pillowcase, make a bookmark and much more. The crocheter's only limit is their imagination. by Pastime Publications - Paperback - Published 1999 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Filet Crochet

An article on what is filet crochet? How to read a pattern... filet pattern variations... and more. Love To Know

Filet Crochet

Stitching guide for filet crochet - beginning block, double mesh, ending block, ending mesh and lacet. Annie's

Filet Crochet - How to Read the Graphs

Nezumi World Nezumiworld

Filet Crochet - Increasing and decreasing

This lesson explains how to increase and decrease your work. Smart Crochet

Filet Crochet Basics

Filet crochet patterns are made up of open meshes and solid meshes. Learn the basics of filet crochet.

Filet Crochet Pattern Graphs

Free graphs... Nezumiworld

Filet Crochet Projects (FREE)

Filet Crochet Tutorial

This is a step-by-step filet tutorial for crocheters. Smart Crochet

Filet Crochet Tutorial - Lesson 1

Filet crochet basics - open and filled meshes Smart Crochet

Filet Crochet Tutorial - Lesson 2 (Part 1)

Starting your work. Simple filet crochet projects. Smart Crochet

Filet Crochet Tutorial - Lesson 2 (Part 2)

Starting your work. Simple filet crochet projects. Smart Crochet

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