Pencil! Charcoal! Pen! Crayon! Drawing is the art of sketching by lines an object, plan or design with a drawing medium, esp. one made with pencil, pen, crayon or charcoal. You will find tutorials, the basics and more.


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img Pencil Drawing Techniques
by David Lewis - Paperback - Published 1984 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Draw and Paint 50 Animals
Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses and more. by Jeanne Filler Scott - Paperback - Published 2013
img Drawing 50 Birds
The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Chickadees, Peacocks, Toucans, Mallards, and Many More of Our Feathered Friends by Lee J. Ames, Tony D'Adamo - Paperback - Published 2013 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Fashion Drawing Studio
A guide to sketching fashion. by Marissa Bolte - Paperback - Published 2013 Affiliate Link to Amazon
Chiaroscuro is a method for applying value to a two-dimensional piece of artwork to create the illusion of a three-dimensional solid form. Art Studio Chalk Board
Colored Pencil Techniques
In this lesson on how to use colored pencils and it focuses on the "direction of your stroke" and how it affects the movement and feel of your drawing. Masterpiece Art Instruction
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Drawing a Portrait
Portrait drawing tutorials—lessons on drawing the features of the face, how to draw faces & portraits. portrait-artist.org
Drawing Lesson - Using a grid
Learn how to use a grid in drawing. Home School Arts
Drawing Lessons
Free drawing lessons, tool lists, technique tips, and inspiration for drawing artists. Toad Hollow Studio
Drawing Lessons
Free Drawing Lessons - These lesson plans teach basic drawing and rendering skills and include drawing exercises. Masterpiece Art Instruction
Drawing Lessons
Lots of drawing lessons - objects, shading, people and lots more. Drawspace.com
Drawing Tutorial
Mini-Tutorial - Instruction for Charcoal & Graphite Pencil Artists - This tutorial contains techniques to create realistic looking artwork. Charcoal & Pencil Drawings by J.D. Hillberry
How To Draw With Graphite
Basic information Tools, the drawing process, the drawing source...
Learn to Draw Faces
Step-by-step drawing lession which will teach you to draw faces the Joseph Bennecelli Way. WetCanvas
Life Portraits
Lessons on drawing and painting a portrait - with step by step instructions for faces, etc. WetCanvas
Pen and Ink Lesson 1
An introduction to pen and ink. Home School Arts
Pen and Ink Lesson 2
This lesson shows you how to use a pencil to draw a simple illustration. Home School Arts
Pencil Drawing Lesson 1
In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals of the pencil through line, texture, tone, shape, shadow and composition. Home School Art
Pencil Drawing Lesson 2
Tone, shadow and shape. Home School Arts
Pencil Sketches
An article on how to pencil sketch. All About Drawing
Porportion and Measuring
A lesson on measuring distances and the proportions. Beginning Artist
Proportion - How to Draw Face Proportions
Like Sketch
Proportion - How to Draw In Proportion (Video)
You Tube
Proportion - Learn How to Draw Proportion
Explore Drawing and Painting.com
Proportions - Measuring Methods
Measuring methods in drawing correct proportions and angles. Drawing How To Draw
Proportions - Measuring with Pencil
How to measure proportions using a pencil. Drawing Accademy
Scallop Shell
Step-by-step instructions for making a scallop shell. Toad Hollow Studio
Shadow Box
How to create a shadow box. A shadow box will help you understand how light and shadow effect and object. Home School Arts
img Software - CorelDRAW Essentials 2 [Drawing and Photo-enhancing Made Easy]
Drawing and Photo Enhancing for the Design Enthusiast CorelDRAW Essentials 2 is an affordable, all-in-one graphics suite that truly lets you explore your creativity. Powerful drawing tools let you design graphics; lay out pages; and enhance and organize photos. Amazon by Corel - CD-ROM Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing and Sketching With Markers
by Tony Couch - VHS Tape - Published 1990 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing Animals (Drawing Lessons for Beginners, vol.4)
Drawing lessons for beginners. by Edith Cooper - VHS Tape - Published 2001 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing Landscapes with Pencil and Ink
by Tony Couch - VHS Tape - Published 1990 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing Nature (Drawing Lessons for Beginners, vol.2)
Drawing lesson for beginners. by Donna Hugh - VHS Tape - Published 2001 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing People (Drawing Lessons for Beginners, vol.3)
Three lessons on drawing people. - VHS Tape - Published 2001 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing-1 for Painters, Landscapes, Illuminations! Series, Basic Oil Painting Concepts
- VHS Tape - Published 2000 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing-2 for Painters - Still Life, Illuminations! Series, Basic Oil Painting Concepts
This video continues the study of drawing begun in the previous video in the "Illuminations" series, "Drawing-1 for Painters". Learn how basic shapes can further your understanding of all forms in nature, and how certain natural laws affect the values of any object, regardless of its local value or color. - VHS Tape - Published 2001 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Drawing: Learning Professional Techniques
by Tony Couch - VHS Tape - Published 1990 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Learning to Paint with Carolyn Berry: Portrait Drawing
Demonstrates how to position your model, take accurate measurements, use charcoal and other drawing materials, see your subject better, and learn other techniques to create a beautiful and sensitive portrait drawing. Amazon by Carolyn Berry - VHS Tape - Published 1991 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Video - Portrait Drawing in Charcoal
This video will give you the building blocks to begin drawing heads convincingly. by Johnnie Liliedahl - VHS Tape Affiliate Link to Amazon

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