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Color Washing - Acrylic Glaze Method

This method gives the effect of floating color. Artsparx

Egg Tempera

Tips on painting with egg tempera. Alessandra Kelley

Egg Tempera

Egg tempera techniques Watercolor Painting

Egg Tempera

How to make egg tempera paint. eHow

Egg Tempera Paint

Information on the history, technique and application of egg tempera paint. Wikipedia

Glass Painting - Basic Glass Painting

A short article describing the basics of painting a glass painting projects. Glass Painting

Glass Painting - Basic Outlining (Video)

A video on glass painting outlining using outliner (paste) from a piping bag. Glass Painting

Glazing Techniques

Dry-brush Technique, Combing, Sponging, Rag Rolling & Frottage. Hunker

Glazing Techniques (Video)

Learn different glazing techiques. You Tube

Homemade Paint - 1870 Milk Paint Formula

This link has a recipe for homemade paint. Pioneer Thinking

Homemade Paint Recipes

You will find recipes for a lot of different homemade paints; such as finger paints, salt paint, soap paint and more.

Introduction to Egg Tempera Painting

The process of preparing the egg yolk for use as a painting binder has been written about in historical texts. Here is an overview of that procedure. Art Studio Chalk Board

Mural Painting Tips

Information on how to transfer an image onto a surface to create a mural. Art Sparx

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