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Advanced Knitting Techniques

Circular knitting, decorative stitches, knitting with two colors are a few of the advanced knitting techniques you can learn at here. The knitting techniques are shown by way of video. Knitting

Beads - Adding Beads

A step-by-step guide to adding beads to a knit project. The Making Spot

Beads - Adding Beads

Two methods for adding beads to a knit project. Knitty

Buttonhole - Bound-Off Buttonhole

Classic Elite Yarns

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonhole

Learn how to knit a buttonhole. Knitting On The Net

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonhole

Learn how to make a reinforced knit buttonhole. Megan Mills' Home Page

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonhole

How to knit a neater knit buttonhole. BBC

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonhole

How to knit a horizontal buttonhole, a vertical buttonhole and a yarn-over buttonhole. How Stuff Works

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonhole

Creating a simple knitted buttonhole. craftstylish

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonhole

Instructions for the horizontal buttonhole and eyelet buttonhole. Knit Simple

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonhole (Video)

This video will show you how to make a knit one-row buttonhole. You Tube

Buttonhole - Knit Buttonholes

Step-by-step instructions on how to make knit buttonholes. wikiHow

Buttonhole - Ribbed Buttonhole Band

How to knit a ribbed buttonhole band for a sweater or cardigan. Instructables

Buttonhole - Yarn-Over Buttonhole

Classic Elite Yarns

Converting a Pullover to a Cardigan

Any pullover sweater can be converted into a cardigan, but artistic judgement must be used in deciding whether the design would still look good with a border that splits it up the middle. LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE. Sweaterscapes

Design in 45°

Interested in knitting a garment on the bias - learn how. Knitting Universe

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Gusset Stitches

How to pick up gusset stitches. Socknitters

A booklet on how to exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting Yarn Lover's Room

Magic Loop

A tutorial on how to knit the magic loop method. Tin Can Knits

Picking Up Stitches - Knitting

When you pick up stitches, you are adding knit stitches to an existing work in order to expand the work. Learn how... Stitch Diva

Purl - How to purl with yarn in back

This video lesson is on how to purl with yarn in back. Socknitters

Ribbing - Knitting - Ribbing 2 x 2 (Video)

A video showing how to make a ribbing, knit two, purl two. The Knitting Site

Short Row Knit

Learn how to short row knit at this website with the knitting exercise. Knitting Geek

Short Row Knit

The technique of short row knitting is shown. Stitch Diva Studios

Short Row Knit How-To

TECHknitting shows short row how-to: basic, wrap-and-turn, Japanese and so on. TECHknitting

Short Row Knit Tutorial

Learn the wrap and turn technique for short row knitting. Cotton and Cloud

Short Row Knitting (Video)

How to knit short rows. You Tube

Short Row Knitting (Video)

This video shows how to do short row knitting which is used to insert extra rows invisibly in the middle of the knitting. Knitting Help

Short Row Knitting Tutorial

Learn how to short row knit with the wrap and turn technique in this tutorial. Purl Bee

Short Row Shaping

Short rows are partial rows of knitting that are used to shape or curve sections or to compensate for patterns with different row gauges. Learn more. Vogue Knitting

Short Row Wrapping

A great method for shaping a neck opening, or other projects that require shaping. Courtesy of Borealis Sweaterscapes Sweaterscapes

Short Rows

Short Rows are used to create triangles or wedges within your knitting. Learn more. Purl Bee

Sleeves - Joining Sleeves (Video)

A video showing how to join set-in sleeves on sweater. You Tube

Sleeves - Knitting Sleeves

This comprehensive articles explains how to knit all types of sleeves - drop sleeves, set-in sleeves, raglan sleeves, dolman sleeves, etc. Knitty

Sleeves - Seaming a Cap Sleeve Part I

This article has pictures and instructions on how to join a cap sleeve to the body of a knit sweater. Knitting Daily

Sleeves - Seaming a Cap Sleeve Part II

Part II on joining a cap sleeve to a knit sweater. Knitting Daily

Steek - Cutting A Steek

An article on how to cut a steek. Knitting to Stay Sane

Steek - Knitting A Steek

How to knit and cut a steek. Knitting

Steek - Learn all about it....

Introductions, how-to, technqiues and more. Kids Knits


An excellent description of the knitting term - steek or steeking. Wikipedia

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