Candle making at home is fun,easy and a rewarding experience.


img Basic Candle Making
All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started by Eric Ebeling - Spiral-bound - Published 2002 Amazon
img Candle Making
Step-by-step instructions for 16 candle projects. by Cheryl Owen - Paperback - Published 2002 Amazon
img The Candlemaker's Companion
Step-by-step guide & instructions to rolling, pouring and decorating your own candles. by Betty Oppenheimer - Paperback - Published 2004 Amazon
Beeswax Candle Tutorial
Learn how easy it is to make beeswax candles. U.K. Lass in U.S.
Calculate Wax Weight for a Container Candle
Figure out how much wax you need for containers. Peak Candle Supplies
Calculate Wax Weight for a Round Mold
Use this calculator to figure out how much wax to melt to make a round candle. Peak Candle Supplies
Candle Burn Time Calculator
Here is a calculator that will allow you to find a very close estimate of the total burn time of a candle. Peak Candle Supplies
Canning Jar Candles
Craft stunning candles from ordinary canning jars! Sponsored by RLROUSE Directory
Container Candles
How to make container candles. Candle Tech
Hand Dipped Tapers
Tapers are the oldest form of candles. Learn how to make them. Candle Tech
History - Candle Making History
A brief history of candle making. Candle Cauldron
Molded Pillar Candles
Step-by-step instructions for making moded pillar candles. Peak Candle Supplies
The Art of Candlemaking
Making your own candles is fun, and hand-crafted candles make great gifts! Learn how... Make-Stuff
Votive Candles
How to make votive candles. Candle Tech
Learn about the different types of wax used in candle making. Cambell-light
Wax Melting
Wax melting instructions. Candle Tech

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