Balloon Crafts 

Balloon crafts - balloon twisting, balloon sculpture and other balloon craft ideas. Learn how to twist balloons into figures or sculptures. Learn other craft ideas using balloons. Fun for kids of all age.


img Balloon Twisting
Includes 40 balloons, a pump and 11 playful projects. by Klutz - Spiral-bound - Published 2009
img How to Blow Up Animals
A Beginner's Guide to Fun With Balloons. by Lon Cerel - Paperback - Published 2008 Amazon
img Kids Show Kids How to Make Balloon Animals
The projects in this book are fun and simple to learn for kids. by Emily Faith Chauffe, Elizabeth Grace Chauffe - Paperback - Published 2009
Balloon Craft - Balloon Plant
Kids enjoy this activity. DLTK's Sites Growing Together
Balloon Craft - Balloon Spider
This balloon spider is an inexpensive way to decorate for your Halloween party. eHow
Balloon Craft - Caged Bird
Make a caged bird with yarn, balloon, flour glue and construction paper. Enchanted Learning
Balloon Craft - Ship in the Balloon
Kids can create this craft in a snap. DLTK's Sites Growing Together
Balloon Games
What's a kids party without balloons? Here are some games kids can do with balloons. All free Crafts
Balloon Sculptures
A gallery of balloon sculptures. Click on the balloon sculpture picture for the instructions. Professor Wonder
Balloon Sculptures
Instructions for airplane, baseball cap, cobra, dog, duck, princess crown and more.
Balloon Twisting - Airplane
Create an airplane with a balloon. Magical Balloon-dude Dale
Balloon Twisting - Alien Hat
Magical Balloon-dude Dale
Balloon Twisting - Balloon Cat
Balloon cat instructions. Art of Twisting Balloon Animals
Balloon Twisting - Balloon Dog
How to Twist a Balloon Dog, the Basic Animal. Balloon HQ
Balloon Twisting - Car
This balloon car is not difficult to make. Click on link for instructions.
Balloon Twisting - Dog
How to make a balloon dog. eHow
Balloon Twisting - Dog
Make a balloon dog. Qualatex
Balloon Twisting - Dog
The balloon dog is one of the simplest balloon animals. Learn how here.
Balloon Twisting - Princess Crown
A girls love being princess - here is a princess crown from balloons. Magical Balloon-dude Dale
Balloon Twisting - Tips
Helpful tips for making balloon sculptures. Mister Balloons
Balloon Twisting 101
Comprehensive basic instructions for balloon twisting.
Balloon Twists
Learn the Different Ways to Twist a Balloon
Balloon Twists
Basic balloon twisting instructions. Professor Wonder
Balloon Twists
Instructions for making all types of items out of balloons. Magical Balloon-dude Dale
Balloon Twists - Apple Twist
Balloon Twists - Basic Twist
Balloon Twists - Lock Twist
Balloon Twists - Pinch Twist
Balloon Twists - Pop Twist
Blowing Up a Balloon
How to inflate balloons - tips for round and non-round balloons.
Crafts Made with Balloons
These crafts for a preschool, kindergarden and elementary school children. The crafts use materials found around the house, like grocery bags, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, and BALLOONS. Enchanted Learning
Inflating a Balloon
How to inflate a balloon by mouth. Balloon HQ
Inflating Balloon
Information on how to inflate a balloon by mouth.
Tying a Balloon
Instructions on how to tie a balloon.

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