Drawing & Painting 

Children love to draw. Develop drawing skills with drawing lessons, videos and software. Ideal rainy day activity. Find it here....


img Draw Thumb Animals
A simple little book that makes it easy to turn your thumbprints into pictures of all kinds of animals. by Klutz Press - Published 2002 Amazon
img DVD - How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
- DVD - Published 2002 Amazon
img Fashion Drawing Studio
A guide to sketching fashion. by Marissa Bolte - Paperback - Published 2013 Amazon
img Let's Rock!
Rock Painting for Kids by Linda Kranz - Paperback - Published 2003 Amazon
img Sketching and Drawing for Children
Step-bystep fundamentals of sketching and drawing for young artists. by Genevieve Vaughan-Jackson - Paperback - Published 1990 Amazon
img Watercolor: For the Artistically Undiscovered
Most of the pages are actual watercolor paper, with blank space reserved for the use by you. by Klutz - Published 1992 Amazon
A Lifetime of Color
Hand-on activities and demonstrations, learn about art, play art games and much more. Sandord Art Adventure
Artist's Toolkit
Art Lessons - Artists use visual elements and principles like line, color and shape as tools to build works of art. Animated demonstrations teach these principles. Arts Connected
Create Art
Art Lessons - Do you want to create art? This site has activities, techniques and inspiration! Try hands-on activities and techniques, or browse our online galleries of student and professional artwork. Stanford - A Life of Color
Displaying Artwork
This is an simple idea for displaying kid's artwork. Artwork can be easily removed, changed and repositioned. The Painted Hive
Draw Christmas Thumbprints
By using your thumbprint your child can create Christmas drawings. by Klutz Press - Spiral-bound - Published 2005 Amazon
Drawing - Horse
How to draw a white stallion. Horsin Around
Drawing Lessons
Free drawing lessons, tool lists, technique tips, and inspiration for drawing artists. Toad Hollow Studio
Finger Paint Recipe
Make your own finger paints. Creative Kids at Home
Finger Paint Recipe
Make finger paints with flour, water and food coloring. Kinder Teacher
Finger Paint Recipe
Make finger paint with household ingredients. Tipnut
Finger Paint Recipes
Several finger paint recipes from ordinary household ingredients. Everything Preschool
Finger Painting - No Mess Finger Painting
Mess free finger painting is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to clean up messy kiddos! Housing A Forest
How to draw a frog. University of Wisconsin
How to Draw Horse - step-by-step instructions. About.com
Jackson Pollock - A blank Canvas
On-line computer canvas. A blank canvas will appear. By moving the mouse you create lines. Click the mouse to change the color. Your finished drawing will look like a Jackson Pollock painting. By Miltos Manetas
Marble Painting
Instruction on how to marble paint - kids will love it. Matisse
Potatoe Printing
Children of all ages can have great fun printing with potatoes by learning potatoe painting. Things To Make and Do
Sidewalk Chalk Recipe
Create your own sidewalk chalk with Plaster of Paris, powdered Tempera paint and water. Kinder Info
Sidewalk Paint Recipe
Children love drawing on the sidewalks! This article features a homemade sidewalk paint recipe. Hand the kids old paintbrushes and let them become creative. Then just wash it away with water. Kinder Info
img Software - Jumpstart Artist
JumpStart Artist introduces children to the magical world of drawing, painting, puppets, collage, and more. With countless ways for children to express themselves artistically, they'll have all the fun they can imagine! Amazon by Knowledge Adventure - CD-ROM Amazon
img VHS - Easy Watercolor Techniques (Art Lessons for Children, Vol.1)
- VHS Tape - Published 1991 Amazon
img VHS - Felt Pen Fun (Art Lessons for Children, Vol. 4)
- VHS Tape - Published 1992 Amazon

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