Paper Fun 

Paper airplanes, paper dolls, greeting cards, paper folding and more!


img Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft
25 Projects for a Crafty Afternoon by Kathreen Ricketson - Published 2012 Amazon
img Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes
by Peggy Edwards - Paperback - Published 2006
img Paper Fun Mania
Part craft book, part activity book, with over 40 projects to make in each book. by Amanda Formaro - Paperback - Published 2015 Amazon
img Paper Scissors Glue
"Paper Scissors Glue" is divided into four vibrant sections containing 45 funky projects. Cutting features decoupage, collage-making and mosaics. by Catherine Woram - Published 2010 Amazon
img Snowflakes: Creative Paper Cutouts
by Cindy Higham - Paperback - Published 2009
Print bookmarks for yourself and friends. Great favors for parties! Kid Printables
Bookmarks - Animal
Printable bookmarks. My Web 3000
Chinese Lanterns
Learn how to make a Chinese lantern. My Web 3000
Grocery Bag Crafts
These crafts projects are for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children using grocery bags. Enchanted Learning
HP Activity Center
Print your own greeting cards, calendars, stick-ons, albums, and more. Hewlett-Packerd
Paper Crafts
Lots of fun project with paper - paper bags, construction paper, etc. Enchanted Learning
Paper Plate Crafts
Fun craft projects with paper plates. Enchanted Learning
Paper Snowflakes
Directions for making paper snowflakes. Maddy and Maverick
Paper Toys
Print and fold paper toys.
Print N Play Toys
At this site you will find an assortment of printable paper projects to keep your child busy on those rainy days. McGuire Zone
How to create paper snowflakes. mmmcrafts
Snowflakes - Paper Snowflakes
Learn how to make paper snowflakes. Includes snowflake examples. My Web 3000
TGV Card Models
Print, Cut Out and Assemble your own scale models of the TGV! Train Web

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