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img Let's Sew Together
Simple projects the whole family can make. by Rubyellen Bratcher - Paperback - Published 2014
img My First Sewing Book : Hand Sewing/Book and Sewing Kit
For ages 5 to 11 - Kit for two birds, book, felt cut-outs and thread, plus 43 additional patterns. by Winky Cherry - Paperback - Published 1995 Amazon
img Sewing for Children
35 step-by-step project to help kids ages 3 and up learn to sew. by Emma Hardy - Published 2010 Amazon
img Sewing School
21 sewing projects kides will love to make. by Amie Plumley, Andria Lisle - Published 2010 Amazon
img The Best of Sewing Machine Fun! for Kids
This book has thirteen kid-friendly projects easily teach children how to sew. Ages 9 - 12 by Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan - Published 2004 Amazon
img 100+ No-Sew Fabric Crafts for Kids
Hours of Fun, Oodles of Projects, Gifts, Toys, playful Decorations & More! by Mary Link - Paperback - Published 2009 Amazon
img Bookmark - Fabric Bookmark
Learn how to make an adorable fabric bookmarks. If you are a beginner sewer or want to teach your child to sew, this is an excellent project.
img Doll Bed Pillow
Learn how to sew a pillow for a doll pillow with this video.
img Drawstring Bag
Learn how to sew a simple drawstring bag.
Learn to Sew
Information on how to teach a child to sew. Sewing Prose
Quilting with Children
This page is designed to describe the projects I have organized and give you ideas, techniques, and resources for working with children in making quilts. Heddi Craft
Sewing Lesson - Free Sewing Book
On-line free sewing book - Sewing lessons for beginners and children. Craft and Fabric Links
Sewing Lesson - The Sewing Room
Your on-line sewing instructor! This is an interactive room where all sewers will want to go to learn about basic sewing techniques. Sewing Experts from Sweden will guide you, with step-by-step video instructions. Husqvarna Viking
Sewing Projects - Teen projects
Fun projects for teens.
Tote Bag
This great "first" project for a beginner sewer. Craft and Fabric Links
Wallet - Koolaid Jammers Wallet
Instructions and photo.
Wallets - Kool Aid Jammer Wallet
Instructions for Koolaid Jammer wallet. Thrifty Fun

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