Cat's Cradle & Other String Games

Learn cats cradle, other string games and how to make other string figures. Hours of fun and entertainment for kids.


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Cat's Cradle

A Book of String Figures (Book and String) - This full-color, easy-to-understand instruction manual teaches the basics of string figures, including such favorites as Cat's Whiskers, Jacob's Ladder, Witch's Broom, and more. by Anne Akers Johnson - Paperback - Published 1993 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Cat's Cradle & Other Fantastic String Figures

Over 20 String Games. Includes DVD and 2 Strings. by Elizabeth Encarnacion - Hardcover - Published 2010


String Games

A collection of easy-to-learn string figures and games. by Caroline F. Jayne - Paperback - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon

About String Figures

Learn about string figures. International String Figure Association

Button and String Whirligig

A button and string whirligag is an inexpensive toy that takes seconds to make, but entertains for hours, making "music" as an added enticement. Learn how to make it. eHow

Cat's Craddle 101 (Video)

How-To video on multiple things with the Cat's Cradle string. We show you how to do: Tea Cup, Eiffel Tower, Witches Broom, Jacob's Ladder and Cat's Cradle. You Tube

Cat's Cradle

Comprehensive instructions for doing Cat's Cradle. If You Love To Read

Cat's Cradle

Instructions and pictures on how to do Cat's cradle. Instructables

Cat's Cradle - Video

Video on all to do the string game - Cat's Cradle. Metacafe

Cat's Cradle - What is Cat's Cradle

This article is about the specific game of Cat's cradle. It also tells how it is played with illustrations and includes the history of Cat's cradle. Wikipedia

Cat's Cradle Game

How to Play The Cat's Cradle Game: 24 steps (with pictures). WikiHow

Jacob's Ladder

Step by step instructions for making Jacob's Ladder String Figure. Mom's Minivan

Jacob's Ladder

Instructions - pictorial and text. Fleeting Glimpse

Jacob's Laddle

Instructions and illustration on how to do Jacob's ladder string figure. The Survival, Origin and Mathematics of String Figures

String Figure - Alligator

How to guide on how to do the alligator string figure. You Tube

String Figure - Cat's Whiskers

Instructions and picture on how to make cats whiskers with string. WikiHow

String Figure - Cup and Saucer

Pictures and instructions for making cup and saucer with string. WikiHow

String Figure - Drum (Video)

How to do the Drum String Figure. You Tube

String Figure - Eiffel Tower

Pictures and instruction on how to make the Eiffel Tower string figure. WikiHow

String Figure - Jacob's Ladder

Step by step instructions for how to do Jacob's Ladder. YourTube

String Figure - Jumping Flea (Video)

How to guide on how to do the Jumping Flea string figure. You Tube

String Figure - Star

Learn how to make a star string figure. WikiHow

String Figure - Teppee (Video)

How to do the Teppee String Figure. You Tube

String Figure Trick - The Pyramid of Giza (Video)

Learn how to do the Pyramid of Giza cat's cradle string trick. You Tube

String Figures

Animation of the basic opening used for many figures along with Jacob's Ladder, Two Mountains and a Stream and Walking Stick. Fleeting Glimpse

String Figures - Arctic String Figure Project

Dozens and dozens and dozens of string figures. Enjoy the fun learning them! International String Figure Association

String Figures - Jacobs Ladder & Eiffel Tower (Video)

A tutorial on how to make Jacob's Ladder and the Eiffel Tower out of string. You Tube

String Figures - Open the Gate

You Tube

String Figures - Witches Broom, Cup and Saucer, and Eiffels Tower

A video showing how to make witch's broom, cup and saucer, and eiffel tower! You Tube

String Figures and How to Make Them

This is a study of Cat's cradle in many lands which includes how to do a large selection of string figures. A great site on string figures. String Figures

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