Learn to weave! Learn finger weaving and braiding.


img Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding
Learn the ancient art of flat braiding. by Alta R. Turner - Paperback - Published 1989
img Fingerweaving Basics
The instructions are simple and clearly written, and each step is illustrated with color drawings that make the different threads easy to identify by Gerald L. Findley - Paperback - Published 2006
Cardboard Loom
Learn how to weave on a cardboard loom. All Fiber Arts
Finger Weaving
Instructions for finger weaving a belt. Native American Technology and Art
Finger Weaving
Learn how to finger weave with step-by-step instructions and photographs. wikiHow
Finger Weaving (Finger Knitting) Video
An excellent video on how to finger weave. 5min Life Videopedia
Fingerloop Braiding
Instructions and illustrations on fingerloop braiding. Phiala's String Page
Interlace Braiding
Text instructions and diagrams on interlace braiding. Phiala's String Page
Paper Weaving Bookmark
A nice project for kids. Things To Make and Do
Weaving - Soda Straw Weaving
Children can learn to weave with this easy technique. The Imagination Factory
Woven Heart Basket
Instructions for making a heart basket with paper. KinderArt

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