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Distressing Wood
Old is hip and a seemingly important part of any project nowadays is the ability to falsify its age. Distressing -- also known as antiquing -- is used to age contemporary pieces and there are many variation on this theme. Amateur Woodworker
Faux Finishing
Faux finishing is a painting technique used to create the illusion of texture on a wall. Learn faux technqiue. Home Time
Fine Furniture Finishing Videotapes
How-to videotapes for clear wood finishes, faux finishing, and decorative painting. The tapes have received great reviews from beginners and pro's alike, and come with an unconditional guarantee of your satisfaction.
Finishing Comparison Chart
Use this chart to compare finishes based on their appearance, durability and application. Rockler
French Polishing
French polishing is one of the classic finishes for wood. This article offers advice on one particular French polishing technique, although there are certainly many variations. Amateur Woodworker
Oil Finishes
The oil finish is one of the most traditional approaches to completing your project. Oil finishes bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Amateur Woodworker
Shellac Kits
Shellac Kits - Mix up your own fresh shellac in the exact amount and cut what you want! Rockler
The Case for Shellac
Long neglected in favor of oil and varnish finishes, here's a case for shellac. Popular Woodworking
Varnishing is the perfect finish for outdoor projects. Learn more about varnishing. Amateur Woodworker
One of the nicest finishes for your projects is beeswax. This finish is ideal for any indoor project and has the great advantage of allowing the wood to nicely darken with age. Amateur Woodworker
Wood Stains
Wood stains should be used to enhance to natural color of a wood. Learn more about this subject. Amateur Woodworker

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