How to Knit 

Learn how to knit. The basic knitting information - casting on, yarn gauge, knit stitch, purl stitch, weaving yarn ends and more.


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Art of Knitting

The definitive DVD on knitting---stitches, color and fashion. - CD-ROM - Published 2004 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Cast On, Bind Off

54 step-by-step methods for starting and finishing a knitting project. by Leslie Ann Bestor - Published 2012 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Cast On, Bind Off

211 ways to begin and end your knitting. by Cap Sease - Spiral-bound - Published 2012


Knitting Tips & Tricks

Shortcuts and Techniques Every Knitter Should Know by Lily Chin - Hardcover - Published 2009


Take Along Knitting - Easy Portable Knit Project

Over 20 fabulous patterns—from luscious scarves to cozy mittens to stylish earrings. by Editors of North Light Books - Paperback - Published 2009 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Teach Yourself Visually Knitting (Teach Yourself Visually)

This book instructs you photo by photo and stitch by stich. by Sharon Turner - Paperback - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon


The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting

his step-by-step, hand-holding guide to knitting is EASY to watch and makes learning fast and simple. by Nici McNally Knitting DVDs - DVD - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Backward Loop Cast On - Knitting Basics (Video)

This YouTube tutorial is on how to do the knitting cast on technique called the backward loop cast on which is also known as the loop cast on, thumb cast on, e-wrap or e-loop. This knitting cast on is the easiest to learn and master. Even a child can learn this cast on stitch.

Basic Knit Instructions

General instructions on how to knit. Brown Sheep

Basic Knitting Instruction

Learn how to bind off, change yarn colors,casting on, blocking, joining seams, curling and lots more. Knitt 911

Basic Knitting Instructions

These instructions show you how to cast on and to make a knit stitch, also known as garter stitch. Ben Franklin Crafts

Bind Off (Video)

A video showing how to bind off. You Tube

Bind Off - Knitting

Lion Brand

Bind Off - Knitting


Bind off / Cast Off - Knitting Instructions

AOK Corral

Binding Off - Knitting Knitting


Cable Cast On - Knitting (Video)

This tutorial is on how to do the knitting cable cast on. This knitting cast on is a very nice looking cast on, very sturdy and give the knitting project a very nice edge.

Cast Off - Knitting

How to cast off - 5 steps. WikiHow

Cast Off - Knitting

Illustrations and instructitons on how to cast off when finished with a knit project. The Knitting Site

Cast Off in Knitting


Cast off or Bind off

Video demonstations for the various methods of binding off/casting off using English method and Continental (European) method. Knitting

Cast On - At Beginning and End of Row

When working a piece that needs stitches cast on at the beginning or end of a row there are multiple methods, two of which are the Cable Cast-on and the Single Cast-on. Classic Elite Yarns

Cast On - Several Methods

Video of the various cast on methods including English and Continental (European)long-tail cast on and single cast on. Knitting Help

Casting Off - Knitting (Video)

A video on how to cast off in knitting. The Knitting Site

Deceasing - Knitting - Knit 2 Together (K2tog) - Video

A video showing how to decease in knitting by knitting two stitches together. The Knitting Site

Deceasing - Slip Slip Knit (ssk) - Video

A video show how to do the left slanting decrease by using the slip slip knit method. You Tube

Decrease or Lace Bind Off - Knitting

A stretchier bind-off. Knitting Daily

Decrease Tutorial (Knitting) - Slip, Slip, Knit (SSK)

Learn how to decrease in knitting using the slip, slip, knit method. The Purl Bee

Decreases - Knitting (k2tog, SSK, KRPR, SKP, k2tog tbl, SSP)

Videos of the different types of decrease techniques when knitting. Knitting


Decreasing - Knit Two Together (K2tog)

This video tutorial is on how knit two together. The knit two together is commonly used to decrease the number of stitches in a knit row.

Decreasing - Knit Two Together (k2togtbl) - Video

A video on how to decrease by knitting two together through the back loop. You Tube

Decreasing - Knitting - Pass the Slip Stitch Over (PSSO)

This video shows you how to decrease with the method - slip 1, knit 1, pass the slip stitch over. The Knitting Site

Double Cast On - Video

A one needle cast on method. you Tube

Double Cast On / Long Tail Cast On

Step-by=step instructions with photos. Stitch Diva Studios

Double Cast-On

Illustration and description for double cast-on, also known as the long-tail cast-on and continental cast-on. ABC's of Knitting


How to achieve guage. Creative Partners LLC

Gauge - Measuring Gauge (Video)

This video explains how to measure your gauge. You Tube

Gauge Swatch Tutorial

Measuring a gauge swatch is really no big deal, and it can yield essential information for your knitting designs. Learn more about knit swatches. Wikihown

General Knitting Instructions

General knitting instructions such as gauge, markers, abbreviations and more can be found here. Brown Sheep


Increase - Yarn Over (Video)

A knitting tutorial on yarn over. A yarn over increases the number of stitches in a row and create the little hole in the knitted fabric. The yarn over is an essential part of lace knitting.

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