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Knitting Department Logo Knitting isn’t just for your grandmother any more! Our Knitting department offers you stitches, patterns, techniques and free projects for apparel to home decorating. We’ll give you information about knitting basics, as well as video and written tutorials and lessons to help you learn this lovely craft or enhance your skills if you’re not a beginner. To help, we’ve provided some handy guides and charts for conversion, yardage estimates, knitting terms and abbreviations. You also can find information about spool knitting, a unique form of this handicraft. Visit our online shopping store to load up on yarn, spools, needles and other knitting supplies.

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  • Knitting 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

    Knitting 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

    Susan Ripley Fun New Knitting Designs!
    Create beautiful hand knits for friends and family: hats, mittens, wraps, blankets, socks, cowls, toys, baby garb, and more.

  • Creative Knitting

    Creative Knitting

    1 Year, 4 issues - Creative Knitting Magazine is your knitting dream come true, with patterns for all skill levels.

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  • Cast On - German Twisted Cast On

    Cast On - German Twisted Cast On

    The German Twisted Cast On is a variation of a long tail cast on which produces a little looser and neat edging. This method is ideal when making socks, mittens or anything which needs a little stretch.
    Learn how to do the German Twisted Cast On with our video and/or photo tutorials.

  • Knitcrate


    KnitCrate delivers a surprise package to your doorstep with a fun knitting project. Our subscribers receive a package of premium yarn, a pattern for a project to complete, a sweet or soothing extra, and a fun extra – these are not just samples. Learn more by clicking the link. Use our coupon code "Needle20" to get 20% off your first monthly crate subscription or other purchases in their store.

  • Knitcrate July Monthly Subscription Package and Review

    Knitcrate July Monthly Subscription Package and Review

    Learn about the yarn we received from KnitCrate in their July monthly subscription package. Find out how to join this subscription plan.  From

  • Laddering - How to Prevent Laddering with Knitting with DPNs

    Laddering - How to Prevent Laddering with Knitting with DPNs

    Laddering is stretched stitches that happens between double pointed needles. It is when you see the horizonal bars. There are a few techniques that can be used to prevent this from happening.
    Learn one way to prevent it by watching our video and reading our written photo tutorial.

  • Loop Yarn - Attaching New Skein

    Loop Yarn - Attaching New Skein

    Learn how to attach a new skein of yarn when knitting with loop yarn. It is super easy to do!  From Staff

  • Loop Yarn - Stocking Stitch Tutorial (Stockinette Stitch Tutorial)

    Loop Yarn - Stocking Stitch Tutorial (Stockinette Stitch Tutorial)

    Learn how to knit the stocking stitch with loop yarn.
    Loop yarn features unique preformed loops which means when working with this yarn no knitting needles are required. All you need are your hands.
    This loopy, puffy yarn makes it extremely fun, quick and easy to knit blankets, scarfs, pillows, cowls and more. It makes knitting easy and fun for children, pre-teens, teenagers and even adults.  From  Needlepointers Staff

  • Pendleton Circular Knitting Needle Case

    Pendleton Circular Knitting Needle Case

    Need a way to store circular knitting needles? This timeless, beautiful circular knitting needle case is based on fisherman's bait bags which knitting have used for years.
    Buy one for yourself or give as a gift.  From  Affiliate Line to Interweave

  • Plum Dandi Knits

    Plum Dandi Knits

    Create simple and luxurious knits with 23 new projects!
    Be inspired by nature’s most beautiful details with sumptuous twist of plush fibers, feminine accents and stylish comfort.  From  Affiliate Line to Amazon

  • Pom Pom Tutorial

    Pom Pom Tutorial

    This video will show you how to make a pom pom using a quick and easy method with cardboard.  From

  • Slip Knot - How to make a slip knot  - 3 methods (Video)

    Slip Knot - How to make a slip knot - 3 methods (Video)

    A video on how to make a slip knot for crochet or knitting. Instruction tutorial for making slip knots. This tutorial shows three different ways to make slip knots.  From

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