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  • Kid's Craft Videos Craft videos by or for kids.
  • Doll Craft Videos DIY craft ideas for dolls.
  • Games & Activities Ideas for entertaining a child - Websites with fun activities and games, mazes, word searches.
  • Balloon Crafts Balloon crafts - balloon twisting, balloon sculpture and other balloon craft ideas. Learn how to twist balloons into figures or sculptures. Learn other craft ideas using balloons. Fun for kids of all age.
  • Bubbles Bubbles...Blowing Bubbles...Bathing with Bubbles...Learn how to make bubbles.
  • Button Crafts for Kids 
  • Candy Crafts 
  • Cat's Cradle & Other String Games Learn cats cradle, other string games and how to make other string figures. Hours of fun and entertainment for kids.
  • Ceramic Crafting Ceramic crafts and tile can be a lot of fun for children of all ages.
  • Clay Crafts Children love creating with clay - You will find ideas for clay crafts, how to make play dough, information on polymer clay and more. Hours of busy hand activities with clay.
  • Coloring Fun Coloring pages you can print for your child to color - a variety of interesting categories.
  • Cootie Catchers (Fortune Teller) Cootie Catchers are also known as fortune teller, chatterbox. Learn how to make cootie catchers. Print templates for cootie catchers. Lots of information on cootie catchers.
  • Crocheting for Kids Teach children to crochet. Find instruction, books and other useful articles on teaching children to crochet.
  • Dolls Crafts 
  • Drawing & Painting Children love to draw. Develop drawing skills with drawing lessons, videos and software. Ideal rainy day activity. Find it here....
  • Educational Materials Learning activity - flash cards, learning games and activity, science... These sites have safe educational activities for children.
  • Face Painting Information, books and more about face painting. Learn more here!
  • Felt Fun Interesting projects and ideas with felt. Felt is an easy material for children to work with because it can be sewn or glued together.
  • Finger Knitting 
  • Foam Fun 
  • Friendship Bracelets Ideas for making friendship bracelets - books, instructions, and more. Have Fun!
  • Games Did you loose the instructions for a game? Do you want to know how to play a specific game? Learn the rules and regulations for all type of games - board games, card games, sport games, etc.
  • Greeting Cards/Envelopes Kids! Create greeting cards or thank you notes with online greeting card sites. Learn how to make envelopes.
  • iPhone / iPad / iPod Apps for Kids. Kid friendly apps for iPhone / iPad / iPod.
  • Jewelry Little girls love jewelry. The beads and thread they can make jewelry for themself or a friend. In addition, find other jewelry ideas such as pins.
  • Juggling How to juggle... Learn how...
  • Juice Bag Craftss 
  • Kites Kites! Fly, fly away... Kites are fun and can be a great family activity. Learn how to make kites.
  • Knitting for Kids Kids can learn to knit. This page has useful articles on how to teach you child to knit, books and more.
  • Knot Tying Tying knots can be a fun pasttime for children of all ages. More information on tying knots here!
  • Lacing Activities In and out, in and out! Lacing goes in and out. Hours of fun for small children.
  • Lego Fun & Ideas Creating with legos will keep your child busy for hours. Learn more here.
  • Macaroni Crafts Creative fun with pasta.
  • Magic Want to learn magic tricks? Learn how to do magic.
  • Minecraft Projects and Crafts Kids are obsessed with the Minecraft video games. Get them off the computer with these fun Minecraft crafts.
  • Music Children love music. Here are some musical activies and craft ideas.
  • Needlework Cross stitch, plastic canvas...
  • Origami Paper Folding - create interesting items by folding paper - learn origami.
  • Paper Fun Paper airplanes, paper dolls, greeting cards, paper folding and more!
  • Paper Airplanes Create paper airplanes - lots of interesting sites with free designs, paper airplane books and activities. Fun for kids of all ages.
  • Paper Dolls Fun with paper dolls - ideas, books, and more.
  • Paper Mache Learn how to make paper mache projects.
  • Playhouses Ideas for making playhouses. DIY ideas for playhouses.
  • Popsicles Stick Crafts 
  • Pom Pom Fun Creat fund crafts with pom-poms.
  • Projects for Kids Free craft projects for kids.
  • Puppets Children love imaginative play. Encourage imaginative play with puppets. Fun ideas for making and playing with finger puppets, paper puppets and others.
  • Rainbow Loom, Etc. Learn how to use a rainbow loom with these videos and patterns. Also information on other jewelry looms included.
  • Rainy Day Fun Craft ideas for a rainy day...
  • Scissor Fun Scissor Fun! Learning to safely use a scissor is a skill children should learn in preparing for school. These site have fun scissor activities and scissor craft projects for children, children of all ages....
  • Scoubidou (Boondoggle) Scoubidou, a knotting and plaiting craft, which is also known as boondoggle. It is a simple plastic lacing craft using flat plastic lace called gimp, craftstrip, craftlace, lanyard which is weaved, braided or knotted to create interesting products.
  • Sewing For Kids Learn to sew
  • Shrinky Dink Shrinky Dink is amazing shrinkable plastic. Draw a design on it, color it, cut it out, and put it in the oven to shrink. We offer books, products and more for shrinky dink. This craft is recommended for children ages 4 - 8.
  • Software Kid friendly, craft oriented software, shareware and downloads.
  • Spool Knitting Spool knitting is also known as corking, Knitting Nancy, French knitter and Bizzy Lizzy. This fun, easy craft is ideal for kids of all ages, from 4 to 99. Lots of useful information on spool knitting is here.
  • Sticker Fun Stickers... Stickers... Stickers... Children love stickers and stickers are a great, quiet pasttime for children.
  • Terra Cotta Pot Crafts 
  • Tie Dyeing & Fabric Art Learn how to tie dye. Learn how to fabric paint. Great ideas for personalizing garments.
  • Tips - Crafting with Kids Tips for crafting with kids.
  • Tissue Paper Crafts Craft fund with tissue paper.
  • Toddler Craft Ideas Craft ideas for toddlers. Busy hands are happy hands.
  • Trash to Treasure Crafts Turn trash into a craft masterpiece. Children will enjoy these craft ideas. And Mothers and Fathers will enjoy them also.
  • Travel Survival with Kids Kids traveling survival guide - games, books and amazing ways to keep the children entertained while traveling.
  • Weaving Learn to weave! Learn finger weaving and braiding.
  • Other Kids Crafts Other kids craft project with do not fit into the other categories.
  • Yo-Yo Activities Learn how to use a yo-yo, learn yo-yo tricks! Lots of yo-yo fun...

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