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Kid's Craft Videos
Find many crafting videos with crafts appropriate for kids to make. Some are tie-dye, origami, spool knitting, gifts, duct tape crafts, sewing and no sew crafts.

Doll Craft Videos

Find many video tutorials for creating for your American Girl or Barbie. There are free tutorials for doll clothes, accessories, doll closet and more.

Apps for Kids.
Kid friendly apps which would be helpful with crafting for your iPad and iPhone. Christmas crafts, jewelry design, knots, paracord, scoubi are available here.

Balloon Crafts
Balloon crafts - balloon twisting, balloon sculpture and other balloon craft ideas. Learn how to twist balloons into figures or sculptures. Learn other craft ideas using balloons. Fun for kids of all age.

Bubbles...Blowing Bubbles...Bathing with Bubbles... How to make bubbles. Bubble recipes.

Cat's Cradle & Other String Games
Learn cats cradle, other string games and how to make other string figures. Hours of fun and entertainment for kids.

Coloring Pages (Printable)
Coloring pages you can print for your child to color - a variety of interesting categories.

Cootie Catchers (Fortune Teller)
Cootie Catchers are also known as fortune teller, chatterbox. Learn how to make cootie catchers. Print templates for cootie catchers. Lots of information on cootie catchers.

Crocheting for Kids
Teaching children to crochet. Find instruction, books and other useful articles on teaching children to crochet.

Dolls Crafts

Drawing & Painting
Children love to draw. Develop drawing skills with drawing lessons, videos and software. Ideal rainy day activity. Find it here....

Finger Knitting

Friendship Bracelets
How to make a friendship bracelet. Ideas for making friendship bracelets - books, instructions, and more. Have Fun!

Games & Activities
Ideas for entertaining a child - Websites with fun activities and games, mazes, word searches. Also learn rules to games

How to make a kite. Kites! Fly, fly away... Kites are fun and can be a great family activity.

Knitting for Kids
Teaching children to knit. This page has useful articles on how to teach you child to knit, books and more.

Knot Tying
Tying knots can be a fun pasttime for children of all ages. More information on tying knots here!

Lego Fun & Ideas
Creating with legos will keep your child busy for hours. Learn more here.

Want to learn magic tricks? Learn how to do magic.

Minecraft Projects and Crafts
Kids are obsessed with the Minecraft video games. Get them off the computer with these fun Minecraft crafts.

Cross stitch, plastic canvas...

Paper Folding - create interesting items by folding paper - learn origami.

Paper Fun
Paper airplanes, paper dolls, greeting cards, paper folding and more!

Paper Airplanes
Create paper airplanes - lots of interesting sites with free designs, paper airplane books and activities. Fun for kids of all ages.

Paper Dolls
Fun with paper dolls - ideas, books, and more.

Paper Mache
Learn how to make paper mache projects.

Ideas for making playhouses. DIY ideas for playhouses.

Children love imaginative play. Encourage imaginative play with puppets. Fun ideas for making and playing with finger puppets, paper puppets and others.

Rainbow Loom, Etc.
Learn how to use a rainbow loom with these videos and patterns. Also information on other jewelry looms included.

Scissor Fun
Scissor Fun! Learning to safely use a scissor is a skill children should learn in preparing for school. These site have fun scissor activities and scissor craft projects for children, children of all ages....

Scoubidou (Boondoggle)
Scoubidou, a knotting and plaiting craft, which is also known as boondoggle. It is a simple plastic lacing craft using flat plastic lace called gimp, craftstrip, craftlace, lanyard which is weaved, braided or knotted to create interesting products.

Sewing For Kids
Learn to sew

Spool Knitting

What is spool knitting?

For generations, people have been spool knitting. To spool knit, a spool with pegs around the top is used to produce a narrow knitted cord. Spool knitters usually have four or five pegs. Spool knitting and loom knitting are a similar knitting technique. However, in loom knitting the loom has many, many pegs.

Who can spool knit?

This fun, easy craft is ideal for kids of all ages, from 4 to 99. Spool knitting is a way to teach kids how to knit without knitting needles. It will be easier for a child to understand knitting with needles after mastering spool knitting.
Personally, I enjoy spool knitting while watch television since I do not have to concentrate because of the repetitive knitting technique.

What are the other names for spool knitting?

Spool knitting is also known as corking, Knitting Nancy, French knitter and Bizzy Lizzy.

What can you make with a spool knitter?

As a young girl, I enjoyed spool knitting but I did not know what to do with the long knitted cords. That has inspired me to create some fun and useful items using the spool knitter.

  • Flowers
  • Bookmark
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Doll Crafts
  • Pins
  • Magnets
  • More and more

Here you will find instructions on how to use a spool knitter and learn how to make varies projects using the knitted cord with these free project tutorials.

Sticker Fun
Stickers... Stickers... Stickers... Children love stickers and stickers are a great, quiet pasttime for children.

Tie Dyeing & Fabric Art
Learn how to tie dye. Learn how to fabric paint. Great ideas for personalizing garments.

Tips - Crafting with Kids
Tips for crafting with kids.

Toddler Craft Ideas
Craft ideas for toddlers. Busy hands are happy hands.

Travel Survival with Kids
Kids traveling survival guide - games, books and amazing ways to keep the children entertained while traveling.

Learn to weave! Learn finger weaving and braiding.

Yo-Yo Activities
Learn how to use a yo-yo, learn yo-yo tricks! Lots of yo-yo fun...

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