How to Sew an Apron using an Apron Panel


Aprons are useful with cooking, cleaning and crafting.

Pre-printed apron panels are a fun way to make cute aprons. The panel comes in lots of designs and themes. Each panel consist of the main apron piece, strips for ties and one or more pocket pieces.

For my apron, I wanted it to be sturdier; not so flimsy. So I decided to revise the pattern and line the apron. An added bonus to lining the apron is, it is reversible.

Learn how to make by watching this video and following the instructions below.

So let's get started....

Click to watch the How to Sew an Apron using an Apron Panel video in Youtube.

This project only take a few hours to make.


* Cut out all the pieces right along the edge. The seam allowances are normally included.

* Make the lining by placing the main apron piece and lining fabric right sides together, cut lining using main piece as a pattern.

* Make pocket for the apron first and attach it to the front of the apron. Option: Make another pocket and attach to lining.

* Make the ties by folding each tie fabric in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and stitch using 1/4" seam allowance along two sides - the long side and one short side.

* Turn ties right side out and press. The easiest way to turn the ties is to use a Dritz Quick Turn tool. To see how to use this tool, check out our video. Purchase the Dritz Quick Turn tool here

* After turning, press ties flat and topstitch close to edge all the way around the three finished sides.

* Pin ties as indicated on the pattern except sandwich them between the apron and the lining.

* Pin lining to main panel with right sides together.

* Stitch around piece using 1/4" seam allowance but leaving about a 4" to 5" opening at the bottom of apron for turning.

* Clip corners, turn, press.

* Pin opening closed. Top stitch across opening and around entire apron close to edge.

pre printed panel apron

The apron is finished!

p>Aprons make excellent hostess, Mother's Day, housewarming and holiday gifts.


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