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Loop yarn is a new type of yarn appearing in stores.  The loops make it easy to knit scarfs, cowls, afghans and pillows without needles. What else can you do with the yarn besides knitting. Today, I would like to show you how to make a really, really simple Easter wreath.

In stores, you will find five different loop yarn products - Bernat Alize Blanket EZ yarn, Big Twist Loopity Loop Yarn, Red Hearts Loop-It Yarn, Loops and Thread Loops Yarn  and Lion Brand Off The Hook Yarn. Links to purchase yarn are at the end of this article.

Are you interested in more information, tutorial, and projects using loop yarn? Our Loop Yarn Knitting Tutorial page has tutorial on how to knit with loop yarn, in addition, to free loop yarn knitting projects.  Loop yarn is a excellent way to teach children how to knit.

Watch this video tutorial and read on for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to make a Loop Yarn Wreath.

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Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial Completed Hanging


  • 1 skein of Loop Yarn for 10" wreath (for larger wreaths you need more skeins)
  • 10" Foam Wreath Form (or Larger)
  • Ball-head Sewing Pins
  • All Purpose Glue
  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Easter Decorative Items (optional)

Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial - Supplies



Squirt a little all-purpose glue onto a paper plate.  I am using pins and glue to attach the yarn to the wreath because hot glue has a tendency to melt the Styrofoam and also release fumes.


Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial Pin EndFind the end of the loop yarn and unwrap it a little.  Dip a pin into the glue and secure the end of the loop yarn to the wreath form with the pin.  To make sure it is firmly secure, repeat with another pin.


Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial Line Up LoopsWrap the yarn around the wreath form by bringing the bundle of yarn through the wreath and around to the outside.  As you wrap, keep the loops facing out and the flat side against the wreath.  As you wrap scrunch the yarn together.Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial Wrap Loops AroundWhen you wrap the yarn around the wreath 6 to 8 times, insert a glue-tipped pin to keep the yarn securely in place.


Continue wrapping the yarn around and scrunching until the form is completely covered.


Then, with a scissor cut off the excess yarn and with two glue-tipped pins, pin the end to the wreath form.


Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial Flowers & EggsAfter the wreath is entirely wrapped, you can use it as-is or add any Easter embellish that you would like by hot gluing them in place. You can use hot glue for this procedure because you are gluing to yarn not the Styrofoam.

Easter Loop Yarn Tutorial Add Flowers and Eggs


To hang the wreath, just use a narrow ribbon.  The ribbon will disappear between the yarn loops.

Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial Completed

Easter Loop Yarn Wreath Tutorial Completed Close Up

For my Easter wreath I used pastel colored loop yarn; however, this wreath can be made for other holidays and occasions by choosing a different yarn.

Have fun knitting with loop yarn!



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