Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet Tutorial

Patriotic Braided Bracelet - Spool Knitted

One of the first knitting techniques kids learn is spool knitting and kids knit yards and yards of spool knitted cord but don't know what to do with it.  Here is a beautiful bracelet that they can make with the cord.

This stylish braided bracelet is made to slip over the hand and uses three lengths of spool knitted cord.  The colorful bracelet can be made with a single color or two colors or three colors.  The choice is up to you.  You can easily make this bracelet for yourself, for your mom or as a friendship bracelet for a friend.

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Learn how to make this braided bracelet by watching our video or keep reading this post for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Watch our Video Below or Click the link to watch Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet Tutorial in Youtube.


  • 4 peg spool knitter with hook
  • Yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissor
  • Needle and Thread

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Two Bracelets



These bracelets can be made with one, two or three colors.  It can be made to match a favorite outfit, in school colors or as a holiday accent.  You can use red, white and blue to wear on Memorial Day or 4th of July or green and red for Christmas.  


Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Measure Hand To determine the length of the spool knitted cord you will need to measure your hand.  To the measure, add 30%.  Using simple mathematics, an easy way to calculate the length is to take the hand measurement times 1.30.  In my situation, my hand measures 8 inches.  So, 8 time 1.30 equals 10.4 inches.  Round the amount to the nearest quarter inch.  In my case, it would be 10 ½ inches.


Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Spool KnitterWith a spool knitter, knit three cords the length determined in step 2.  If you are not sure how to spool knit, watch our Spool Knitting Tutorial. Do you need a spool knitter? At the end of this articles will be some purchasing links.

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Cords The yarn tails on the cord need to be woven into the center of the cord. To do this, thread the tail on to a tapestry needle, insert the needle into the center of the cord about an inch or two and snip the extra yarn with a scissor.


Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Safety Pin To begin braiding, align the ends of the three cords and pin together with a safety pin.

Begin braiding the cord.  Braiding is a fairly basic technique but let’s review. Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Braid Step 1

With the right cord, cross it over the middle cord.  (Note: This cord is now the middle cord.)

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Braid Step 2Now, you take the left cord and cross it over the middle cord.  As shown above, this cord is now the middle cord.

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Braid Step 3With the right cord, cross it over the middle cord.  Continue crossing the left cord and right cord over the middle cord until the braiding is complete. NOTE:  You can also braid by starting with the left cord, then right cord, left cord, etc.
Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Braid FinishedWhen ending the braiding, you must make sure the colors are arranged in same order as at the start of the braiding; they must match when you sew them together.  In my bracelet, at the top of the braid the blue cord was in the middle; so, when I ended the braiding I wanted the blue cord in the middle.

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Braid PinnedAfter braiding, you need to pin the ends together with a safety pin as seen in the above picture to hold them securely.

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Braid Finished and Pinned


Thread a needle with the same color thread as the cord, bring the ends of the thread together and tie a knot.  Trim off excess thread if necessary. This double thread will be stronger and more secure when sewing the cords together.

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Sew Together

Starting with the middle cords, stitch the two ends of the cord together using small stitches.  Stitch around the entire circumference of the cords. Stitch the other cords together.

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Finished Bracelet

The bracelet is complete.  I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a braided spool knitted bracelet and decide to make some yourself. 

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Blue & GoldBelow is an example of a braided bracelet in red, white and blue colors to wear on a patriotic holiday such as Memorial Day or 4th of July.

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet - Patriotic Red, White & Blue





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Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet Tutorial

Spool Knitted Patriotic Braided Bracelet Tutorial

Spool Knitted Braided Bracelet Tutorial


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