Embroidery Stitch - Feather Stitch

Feather Stitch

How to do the feather stitch. This is a hand-embroidery decorative stitch which creates a vine or branch looking line. This looped stitch is worked evenly with stitches alternating to the right and the left.

One of the most basic and popular embroidery stitches

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The following are written instructions but I think you will find the video more helpful.

I work this stitch from the top to the bottom.

When working this stitch imagine you have three parallel lines. When working with Aida fabric this is easy. If working with other fabrics you may want to draw three lines with tailors chalk or lightly with a pencil especially if you are just learning the stitch.

To start bring the needle up from the back of your work at the center line.

Insert the needle to the right directly across from where the needle originally came up. Pull thread to back leaving a small loop in front.

Bring the needle and thread up from the back on the center line slightly down from where you first came up. Make sure the needle is inside the loop. Pull the thread through to form a U-shaped shape.

Insert the needle down on the left directly across from the previous exit point and then up on the center line.

Continue making stitches to the right and left alternately until the desired length is finished.

To end a row, take a small stitch or small running stitch over the last loop.

This stitch is often seen in crazy quilts and in appliqué but it can also be used as a border on edges and hems of projects.

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