Sock Crafts

Learn sock craft activiities - sock dolls, sock animals, sock toys and lots more.

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 Sock and Glove

Sock and Glove

Creating charming softy friends from cast-off socks and gloves. by Miyako Kanamori - Paperback - Published 2007



16 new sock creatures, cute & cuddly...weird and wild. by Brenna Maloney - Paperback - Published 2011 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Socks Appeal

Socks Appeal

16 fun & funky friends sewn from socks. by Brenna Maloney - Published 2010

Bean Bags

Make old socks into bean bags. A Little Tipsy

Cup Cozy

A tutorial on how to make a no-sew cup cozy or travel jar cozy. Yellow Hibiscus

Doll - Bikini Top (Video)

A video on how to make a bikini top for a doll from a sock. You Tube

Easter Wreath (Dollar Store Craft)

Easter Wreath (Dollar Store Craft)

Let me show you how to make this Easter wreath with supplies purchased at Dollar Tree. This wreath used socks, plush animal, floral wreath and burlap ribbon.

Giraffe Sock Puppet

Recycle an old or mismatched socks into a giraffe sock puppet. Craft Jr

How to Make a Sock Puppet

How to Make a Sock Puppet

Kid's will have fun creating sock puppets with old or mismatched socks and some basic craft supplies and things you already have around your home.

Jar Cozy - Sock Jar Cozy

This sock jar cozy is a quick and easy project for kids - great for a teacher's gift:Learn how to make Craft Bits

Pincushion - Sock Pincushion

A tutorial on how to make a pincushion from a old sock. Unfortunately Oh

Potholder Loops

Make your own potholder loops with old or orphaned socks. Squidoo

Puppy Dog

How to make stuffed puppy dogs out of socks and rubber bands. Artists Helping Children

Rug - Sock Rug

Learn how to make a rug from old socks. Making Do With the Not So New

Sock Bunny

Lost sock bunny - Only one sock, make sock bunnies.

Sock bunny

Quick little sock bunny tutorial. Elsie Martley

Sock Bunny

A tutorial on how to make sock bunnies. Lil Blue Boo

Sock Dog

It takes only an afternoon and some very basic sewing skills to turn a pair of stray socks into a cuddly canine. Martha Stewart

Sock Dolls and Sock Animals

How to make no-sew sock dolls and no-sew sock animals. Danielle's Place

Sock Drawstring Pouch (No Sew)

Sock Drawstring Pouch (No Sew)

How to make a drawstring pouch with a sock. To make a sock drawstring pouch you can purchase inexpensive socks from the dollar store or recycle the unmatched socks laying around the house.

Sock Kitty

A tutorial on how to make a sock kitty. Craft Passion

Sock Monkey

Let's make cute Sock Monkeys! Craft with Confidence

Sock Monkey

How to make a vintage style sock monkey. Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey

Instructions for making a sock monkey. Hub Pages

Sock Monkey

Learn how to make a sock monkey. wikiHow

Sock Monkey

How to make a sock monkey.

Sock Monkey Tutorial

How to make a sock monkey. Web Goddess

Sock Puppet

Learn how to make a sock puppet. Legends and Lore

Sock Puppet Ideas

Danielle's Place

Sock Puppy

Lost sock? Make this sock puppy from a single sock. Little Black Teapot

Sock Recycling Idea - Barbie Doll Tube Top

Recycle old or orphaned socks into tube tops for Barbie Doll or other doll.

Sock Sack

How to make a sock sack. WikiHow

Sock Snowman

Instructions for making a easy no-sew sock snowman. Homemade Gift Guru

Sock Snowman Ornament

A quick and easy idea for Christmas. It's inexpensive and great for younger children. Childmade

Sock Weath

How to make a adorable sock wreath. Studio 5

Sock Wreath

Make an inexpensive holiday wreath - holiday socks from dollar store, a wreath form and a sharp knife is all you need. Work In Progress Kits

Sock Wreath

So simple sock wreath. 52 Mantels

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