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Batting Scraps

Projects and things you can do with scraps of batting.

Bead Recycling

Ideas and tips on recycling, repurposing beads.

Bottle Cap Recycling

Bottle caps - what to do with them. Can they be recycled. The following articles have information on recycling and repurposing bottle caps into craft projects.

Cardboard Tubes

Ideas for recycling cardboard tubes. These are the tubes you find on paper toweling tubes, wax paper, gift wrap and toilet paper tubes.

Cassette & VHS Tapes

Way to repurpose, reuse and recycle cassette tapes and VHS tapes. Need ideas on ways to use cassette and VHS tapes? This page has information.


Learn how to recycle old crayons into new crayons.

Dyeing the Natural Way

Dyeing the Natural Way - Here you will find information on how to dye using natures ingredients.

Fabric Scraps

Projects and ideas for using your fabric scraps.

Felt Scraps

Ideas and projects for using felt scraps.

Greeting Cards

Recycle greeting cards... Here you will find ideas for recycling greeting cards.

Junk Mail Recycling

Find ways to re-use your junk mail.

Light Bulbs Crafts

Recycling light bulbs into a creative ideas is a growing hobby. With a few art and craft supplies you can transform a light bulb into a decorative item for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays. These site have information on how to recycle light bulbs.


Going Green, eco-friendly information that does not fit into one of the other categories. Browse the eco-friendly information.

Necktie Recycling

Do you have lot of old neckties around the house? There are many ways to use the neckties. Learn more here....

Paper Recycling Ideas!

Learn how to reuse the tons of wasted, scrap paper which accumulates around your home.


Ideas for repurposing old or outdated or frumpy clothing into something upbeat and stylish.

Sewing - Ecofriendly Sewing

Go Green Sewing! Find links to ecofriendly sewing projects and information.

Sock Crafts

Things you can do with old and mismatched socks.

T-shirt Recycling

Learn how to make T-shirt yarn with the old T-shirts and how to use it. In addition, learn how to do upcycle tee shirts into useful projects. Another eco-friendly craft - recycling tee shirts.

Words of Wisdom - Green Crafting Tips & Hints

Environmentally friendly tips and hints for "Going Green" when crafting, sewing, quilting and more. Read and enjoy some of the crafting "green" ideas.

Yarn - Recycling Yarn

Articles on how to recycle yarn from old sweaters.


Over 150 free recycle craft ideas. Reuse! Repurpose! Recycle! Here you will find a huge selection of projects using stuff that you would normally put out in the trash or items you have scattered around the house in drawers and closet. ALL FREE! In addition, . .(more)

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