Blackwork Embroidery

Blackwork is a traditional needlework technique worked with black thread on ecru or white colored linen.

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 Beginner's Guide to Blackwork

Beginner's Guide to Blackwork

This book has clear step-by-step photographs accompany the author's comprehensive instructions, and the motifs, borders, fill-in patterns and images are all charted designs. by Lesley Wilkins - Paperback - Published 2002 Affiliate Link to Amazon



Essential Stitch guide. by Becky Hogg - Published 2011 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Blackwork Embroidery

Blackwork Embroidery

Stitches, techniques and 13 modern blackwork embroidery projects. by Bernadette Baldelli - Paperback - Published 2020 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Blackwork Tudor Rose Blackwork Pattern

Blackwork Tudor Rose Blackwork Pattern

A blackwork pattern of Blackwork Tudor Rose. by Jonathan Black - Kindle Book - Published 2020 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Modern Blackwork Sampler

Modern Blackwork Sampler

A blackwork pattern for making a modern blackwork sampler. by Jonathan Black - Kindle Book - Published 2020 Affiliate Link to Amazon

More Blackwork Books & Patterns

Want more blackwork embroidery ideas? Check out these books and patterns.

Authentic Tudor Blackwork Designs

These designs were graphed from a 16th-century Italian sampler. Dragon Lore

Backstitch (Video)

Backstitch (Video)

This video will show you how to hand embroider the backstitch which is a common outline stitch used in counted cross stitch and embroidery.

Basic Blackwork Instruction

Basic directions for doing blackwork. XYZZX Creations


An article on blackwork - the history, the technique, Wikipedia

Blackwork Designs

A few blackwork designs from 16th-century sources.

Blackwork Embroidery

Learn about blackwork embroidery. JMD Designs

Blackwork Embroidery Designs

Dianne Skinner blackwork embroidery board has hundreds of designs and patterns. Dianne Skinner Pinterest Board

Blackwork Embroidery Patterns and Projects (FREE)

Free... Blackwork patterns and projects.

Blackwork Embroidery Samples

This Pinterest board by Hillary Rose has many blackwork embroidery examples and patterns. Check them out. Hillary Rose Pinterest Board

Blackwork Embroidery Step-by-Step Guide

This post has some useful tips and some basic techniques to follow when stitching my blackwork designs. Ajisai Press

Blackwork Embroidery Tutorial

Learn a brief history of blackwork embroidery along with stitches and fabrics used. The Sewing Directory

Blackwork History

Learn about the origin of blackwork. XYZZX Creations

Blackwork Introduction

The history of blackwork, blackwork stitch how-to. Your Choice Needlework

Blackwork Samplers

Blackwork patterns. Dragon Bear

Blackwork Samples

On this site, you will find more examples of blackwork. Lady Elisabeth Fairchild's Historical Collection

Couching Stitch

Instructions, illustration and video. Annie's Attic

Double Running Embroidery Stitch

Double Running Embroidery Stitch

This video will show you how to do the double running embroidery stitch which is also known as the Holbein stitch.

Elizabethan Freehand Blackwork Embroidery

Many wonderful examples of blackwork embroidery. Sidney Eileen

Fill-In Patterns from 16th Century Blackwork Embroidery

Over a dozen designs that can we used fill in blackwork designs. Atlantian Embroiderers' Guild

Filler Stitch - Pattern Darning

Learn about pattern darning when working a blackwork embroidery design. Needlework Tips and Techniques

Filler Stitch - Pattern Darning Tutorial

Pattern darning can be used as a filler stitch or border stitch in blackwork embroidery. Affiliate Link to Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

Filling Patterns

Two examples of filling patterns used in blackwork embroidery. Elizabethan Blackwork

Stem Stitch

Illustration, instructions and video. Annie's Attic

Stitch - Cable Chain Stitch

This chain stitch is sometimes used in blackwork embroidery. Sew Guide

Tutorial - Blackwork Beginners Guide

Learn blackwork with this simple beginners pattern. Needlework Tips and Techniques

What is Blackwork Embroidery?

Explore the history and characteristics of this traditional English embroidery technique. Domestika

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