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General Craft Videos

Videos on various crafts.


What adhesive or glue do you use for what project? Need advise? Look here.

Apps for Craft

Find many iPhone, iPad apps for various other crafts which may be of use or interesting. These don't fit into other categories. Polymer clay, knots, paracord, scoubi apps are here.


Basketry is the art or process of making baskets. Our basketry site features all types of useful information on this craft. Check the free patterns and projects at left for lots of FREE basket projects.


The weaving of three or more strips or strands of material together is known as braiding. Learn how-to braid here.

Button Crafts

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons! Do you have containers of buttons around the house that have accummulated over the years? On this page you will find ideas and suggestion for using old and new buttons.


Candle making at home is fun,easy and a rewarding experience.

Candy Crafts

Create gift and decorating ideas with candy. Fabulous gift ideas!

Ceramic Crafts

What is ceramic crafts? According to the dictionary it is "the art or technology of making objects of clay and similar materials treated by firing". Need a relaxing, creative endeavor; try ceramics.

Chair Caning

Chair caning is a vanishing art. It is a way of weaving cane to produce a comfortable, attactive chair seat and back.

Clay Pot Crafts

Here you will find information on clay pot crafts and projects with clay pots. Great ideas for kids!

Duct Tape & Washi Tape Crafts

Duct tape crafts are popular. Duct tape come in awesome colors and patterns. You can make many cool projects with duct tape. In addition to making wallets, jewelry, flowers, home d├ęcor, and other craft project, duct tape come in handy for fixing items. We have. . .(more)

Dried Flowers & Fruit

Learn how to dry flowers and fruit.

Dyeing Fabric & Others

Learn how to dye fabric and other items.

Free Catalogs

Arts and craft catalogs.


Free crafting projects is a variety of different topics.

Frugal Crafting!

On this page are articles on how to save money on crafting projects.

Gardening & Foraging

DIY garden projects.
Our family has been avid gardeners for years. We love gardening and creating fun and inviting garden projects indoor or outdoor our gardening space.
In addition, we enjoy foraging for edible native fruits and vegetables.

Latch Hook

Latch hook (also known as latch hooking) is a textile yarn craft which takes short pieces of yarn and wraps them onto a canvas using a latch hook tool. This craft is relaxing, simple, fun and kid friendly. This page has comprehensive instructions, videos, books. . .(more)


Find the history of the knotted art of macrame and access many links to books, knot directions, and patterns, including plant hangers, wall hangings.


Mosaics are a picture or decoration made of small colored pieces of inlaid stone, glass or other material. Learn more about this craft here!

Paper Flowers

Here is a lovely assortment of paper flowers which you can make.


What is quilling? Quilling is also known as paper filigree. Quilling is the craft technique of rolling and coiling thin strips of paper. Quilling art is ideal for scrapbooking, card making, pictures and other craft projects. Learn more here.

Soap Making

Learn how to make soap.

Sock Crafts

Learn sock craft activiities - sock dolls, sock animals, sock toys and lots more.

Tips & Hints

Find many craft tips and hints for many types of crafts. Craft storage tips, basketry, beadwork,glue gun, paint, ribbon and many more tips!


Interesting links.

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