How to use a Brother Innovis 4000D Video Series

How to use the Brother Innovis 4000D - fbThese videos describe how to use your Brother Innovis 4000D including loading designs from USB, resizing designs, skipping forward and backward and rotating designs. There are also general videos on how to download designs from the internet, copying the designs to your USB and changing the thread on a single-needle embroidery machine.  

These videos will probably work with many different Brother embroidery machines especially those in the earlier Innovis line. A lot of these machines use the same software. Even if you have a different Brother machine, these videos could help give you ideas on how to perform these tasks on your machine.

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How to Load a Pattern from a USB stick

Watch our Video Below or Click the link to watch How to use a Brother Innovis 4000D Video Series in Youtube.

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Rotating and Resizing Embroidery Designs

Learn how to rotate or resize a design once it's loaded in the embroidery machine with our video tutorials.   

How to Resize a Pattern on an Embroidery Machine

How to Resize a Pattern with Innovis 4000DIf the design is large, it may not be able to be resized.  Also, embroidery machines can only resize any patterns a small amount.  The more the design is resized, it may not stitch correctly.  Even small resizing can cause issues with the stitching of the design.  I have had success with resizing designs a small amount.

A reminder though, never resize an in the hoop design.  These designs stitch out differently and resizing could cause them to not stitch correctly.

How to Rotate a Design (Pattern) on an Embroidery MachineInnovis 4000D - How to rotate a design

Keep in mind that some designs cannot be rotated since they may be too large.  Rotating a design may be necessary for your stitch out or pattern you would like to stitch.

Learn to Skip Forward and Backward stitches in a design on an Embroidery Machine

Innovis 4000D - How to skip fowards and backwards through a design

While stitching a pattern, it may be necessary to back up a few stitches.  This is helpful when the thread breaks while stitching.  This video will demonstrate how to jump back or forward 1, 10, or 100 stitches.  It also discusses jumping forward or backward through the threads.

Brother Innovis 4000D


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How to Combine Patterns on an Embroidery Machine Innovis 4000D - How to combine patterns.

If you are adding a monogram or lettering to the design, combining the separate letters into one single pattern is very helpful.  Watch the video above to learn how to combine multiple patterns into one.

How to change the thread color on an embroidery machineInnovis 4000D - Change Thread colors

Learn how the machine stops and requests a change of thread color when machine embroidering.  Every design has different thread colors and stops for changes.  This video will show how this works and also how easy it is to thread a Brother Innovis 4000D machine.  Even if you have a different embroidery machine, the stops for color changes are built into the embroidery design.

How to copy a pattern to USB and load (Innovis 4000D) How to copy an embroidery pattern to a USB drive/stick.

I prefer to use a USB stick to load patterns onto my machine.  To use the USB, the embroidery design file must be copied onto the USB stick. The video above will demonstrate how to copy a file to a USB drive.

Please note, the Brother Innovis 4000D machine cannot load large USB drives.  If you have the upgrade, it can load up to 2 GB USB drive only.  In today's market, a 2 GB drive is very small.  If you do not have the upgrade, I believe you are limited to a 1 GB drive.  But, don't be worried, 1 GB holds a massive number of embroidery designs!  It holds way more than you would ever want to keep on the drive.

I find that using a small USB stick loads within a few seconds. These are my favorite USB sticks and they are only 512 MB in size.  A 2GB USB drive may take up to a minute just to load the patterns, no matter how few you have on the drive.  So, getting a smaller USB drive really helps because it loads much faster.

Also, I do not keep a lot of patterns on my USB drive as it becomes hard to find the pattern I want to stitch when there are many patterns on the drive.  They all look very similar in those little icons on the screen, so the fewer the better!

How to download and save a patternHow to download and save an embroidery design to your computer.

Are you unsure how to download an embroidery design you purchased and save it on your computer?  Watch the video above for many tips and step-by-step instructions.  These instructions can be used for any embroidery designs free or purchased.

How to clean your machineHow to clean your Brother Innovis 4000D embroidery machine

Cleaning your embroidery machine is important to keep it in top working order.  Watch the video above to get some tips on cleaning your machine.

If you are interested in purchasing an embroidery machine, read some information and recommendations in our post, Machine Embroidering a T-Shirt Tutorial.  We also have an affiliate link below with some machines available on Amazon. 

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