Basketry is the art or process of making baskets. Our basketry site features all types of useful information on this craft. Check the free patterns and projects at left for lots of FREE basket projects.

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 Basic Basket Making

Basic Basket Making

Step-by-step instructions complete with detailed color photographs. by Linda Franz - Published 2008 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Handmade Baskets

Handmade Baskets

Step-by-step description for making baskets from materials gathered from hedgerows, woods and gardens. by Susie Vaughan - Paperback - Published 2006 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 The Ultimate Basket Book

The Ultimate Basket Book

A Cornucopia of Popular Designs to Make (Diy Network) by Lyn Siler - Paperback - Published 2006 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Basket Supply Calculator

Use the Basket Supply Calculator to make your own list of Basketry Supplies for a particular basket. The Basket Maker's Catalog

Basket Weaving Terms and Techniques

Text and diagrams of basic weaving terms and techniques. Just Patterns

Basketry Construction Methods

Learn the difference between coiling, twining, weaving and plaiting. Basket Makers

Broom Making

Instructions for making a broom.

Catalog - Ada K's Unlimited

Basketry supplies, handles, bases, patterns and more. Ada K's Unlimited

Catalog - Atkinson's Country House

A full catalog from Atkinson's is available for download. Atkinson's Country House

Catalog - Frank's Cane and Rush Supply

On-line catalog of supplies for chair caning, wicker repair, basketry and more. Frank's Cane and Rush Supply

Catalog - H. H. Perkins Co.

Request a catalog from H.H. Perkins co. H. H. Perkins Co.

Catalog - The Basket Maker's Catalog

Request a free catalog. The Basket Maker's Catalog


How To Make Cordage For Basketmaking! Basket Makers

Corn Husk Basket Weaving Part 1

Corn Husk Basket Weaving Part 1

Preparing the spokes for a corn husk basket. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Corn Husk Basket Weaving Part 2

Corn Husk Basket Weaving Part 2

Pair weaving the base when making a corn husk basket. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Corn Husk Basket Weaving Part 3

Corn Husk Basket Weaving Part 3

Finishing the sides of a corn husk basket. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Handles - Anatomy Of A Basket Handle

Profile of carved basket handle and glossary of basket handle terms. Basket Makers

Just Patterns - Free Sample

Download a free sample of "Just Patterns" the Idea Magazine for Basketmakers. Just Patterns

This site serves the chair caning, basketweaving and wicker furniture weaving niche community through a free monthly ezine, tip sheets, articles, wicker & cane FAQ, events calendar, basket guild listings and Furniture Repair Directory featuring experts in the fields of wicker repair, seatweaving, upholstery and stripping & refinishing, plus lots more.

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Find a local basketry quilds and organization.

Words of Wisdom

Basketry tips and hints for creating beautiful, useful baskets.

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