Decorative Painting - Basics & Tutorials

Decorative painting is an artform with includes several categories. At decorative painting, which is sometimes referred to as tole painting, is the decorating of functional and non-functional items by painting on them. The painting medium used for decorative painting is oils or acrylics; today, most commonly acrylic paint is used because of the easy cleanup. We offer tutorials, basic, charts and lots of useful information for the beginner or advanced decorative painting artist.

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All About Brushes

Your brushes are the single most important tool you will use in decorative painting. Learn more about brushes. Artezan

Basecoating Guide

A guide to decorative painting basecoating. Artezan

Decorative Painting - Crackling

Crackling tips when decorative painting. Artezan

Getting Started

How to get started on your decorative painting project. Banyan Studios

Painting Tutorial

Learn how to paint on line. Free basic brush stroke techniques for tole, canvas, rosemale painting. Easy step by step tutorial. Craftown


Rosemaling is a form of decorative flower painting that developed in rural areas of Norway during the late 18th century. Then as now, the hand-painted were used to embellish home furnishings and accessories. Craftown

Surface Preparation

Decorative Painting Tips: Surface Preparation Artezan

Transferring a Pattern

Learn how to transfer the pattern onto your project. Deco Art

Varnishing Guide

Decorative artists looks forward to varnishing their project either because it means they're on the last leg of the journey or because they can’t wait to display it or give it the person it was intended for. Artezan

What is Decorative Painting?

An article about decorative painting. Artezan

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