Free Online Knitting Calculators

Free Online Knitting Calculators

Have you ever wanted to know how much yarn you need to knit a project?  How many stitches to cast on for a knitted project.

Knitting calculators are some of the most sought-after resources by knitters.  These calculators make knitting math easy because you do not have to calculate anything yourself.

Below is a round-up of free online knitting calculators.  These calculators can be very useful:

  • Knitting Yarn Calculator
  • Knitting Yardage Calculator
  • Hat Calculator
  • Substituting Yarn Calculator
  • Yards and Meters Conversion Calculator
  • Knitting Gauge Calculator
  • Sock Calculator
  • And More

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These knitting calculators are provided free by various websites.  If you have any questions on how to use the calculators, please contact the person in charge of the website. 

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Calculate chart/project size

The size of your finished object depends on your yarn, needles and tension. This guide helps you to calculate the size of your finished object. Stitch Fiddle

Handy Knitting Calculators and Charts

Calculators and charts to convert between yards and metres, or if you're substituting yarn, calculate how much yarn you'll need for a project! Love Crafts

Hat Calculator

Super Simple Circular Hat Calculator Earth Guild

Knitting Calculator

Knitting Calculator

This knitting calculator will help you estimates the total yarn need to knit a project. The calculator will help you figure out how much yarn is needed to knit socks, sweaters, hats, blankets, and more! Jimmy Beans

Knitting Calculators

How many stitches should I cast on for a baby blanket? What is the number of rows to loom knit a man’s scarf? How much yarn will I need to knit a queen size blanket? The Interactive Knitting Calculators are here to help! Good Knit Kisses

Knitting Gauge Calculator

This calculator will help you calculate stitches and rows when your gauge differs from the gauge specified on the pattern. Brenda A Bell Blog

Knitting Increase and Decrease Calculators

Use the calculators below to determine how to increase or decrease evenly across your row or round of knitting. World Knits

Sock Calculator

A sock calculator for hand or machine knitting. Liz's Personal Page

Sock Calculator

Print customized instructions for knitting socks. Liz's Personal Page

Sock-u-lator Socks

This calculator has a sock pattern generator to create a pattern to hand knit socks in your foot size, the length you like them, using the yarn of your choice. The Knitting Fiend/ Diet Diary

Triangular Shawl Calculator

Here’s a little way to calculate the maximum number of rows you can work on a shawl (top down shawls only). Colourful Designs

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