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Handy sewing calculator and charts.

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Body Measurement Chart

For men, women, children and toddlers. Butterick

Circle Skirt Calculator

With this calculator, find out how much fabric yardage is needed to make a circle skirt. Mood Fabrics

Circle Skirt Calculator

With our tool, you can now consider the circle skirt officially 'maths-free'. By Hand London

Circle Skirt Calculator

This is a very useful online tool since it serves as a full circle skirt calculator, a half circle skirt calculator, and a 3/4 circle skirt calculator too. Calculators

Drapery Yardage Calculator

Select the type of drapery and use the calculator to know how much fabric to purchase. Best Fabric Store

Fabric Calculator

This handy on-line calculator will calculate how much light, medium and dark fabric is necessary to make a quilt.

Fabric Chart

A guide to the amount of fabric needed to make curtain, duvets and pillowcases. Kids Fabrics

Fabric Yardage Conversion Chart

Handy chart for figuring yardage with different widths of fabric. Denver Fabrics

Hand Sewing Needle Chart

A needle chart reference - Needles are available with different eye shapes (long, round, etc.), come in different lengths and come with different points (sharp, round, blunt, ball-point, wedge). Fiber Images

Measurement Chart

A chart for recording your measurements. Threads

Measurements - Women's Measurements

How to measure. Ya Ta Hai

Pleated Skirt Calculator

Give the calculator your waist circumference, the number of pleats on one side, the depth of the pleats, the waistband height and the skirt height. With My Hands Dream

Skirt Pattern Calculator

Here's a quick pattern calculator that tells you how to make two main arc pieces for a simple flared skirt. Spacefem

Yardage Calculator

A chart with yardage information for upholstery items, curtains, bedding and more. Zarin Fabrics

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