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 Clever Quarters, Too: More Quilts from Fat Quarters

Clever Quarters, Too: More Quilts from Fat Quarters

Fourteen projects include a table runner, a wall hanging, and bed quilts using fat quarters. by Susan Teegarden Dissmore - Paperback - Published 2006 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Fat Quarter Quilts

Fat Quarter Quilts

by M'Liss Rae Hawley - Paperback - Published 1999 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 More Fat Quarter Quilts

More Fat Quarter Quilts

Eight wall-hanging to bed-size projects using fat quarters. by M'Liss Rae Hawley - Paperback - Published 2001 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Batik Fabric

Batik Fabric

Learn about batik fabric. What is the right and wrong side of batik fabric?

Fabric - Fabric Folding

A tutorial on how to fold fabric in your fabric stash. Cut To Pieces

Fabric Conversion

A fabric width conversion chart. Quilter's Cache

Fabric Width Conversion Chart

This chart determines the amount of fabric needed when the width of the fabric chosen differs from the width of fabric on the pattern envelope. Butterick

Fabric Yardage Conversion Chart

Handy chart for figuring yardage with different widths of fabric. Denver Fabrics

Fat Quarter

An explanation of a fat quarter of fabric. How to make and uses for fat quarters. Bella Online

Fat Quarters Mystery Quilt

Make a quilt using fat quarters.

Feed Sack Dress

An article on the feed sack dress Scott County, Tennessee Memories

Feedsack Cloth

Learn about feedsack cloth - when, how it was used and more.

Feedsack Fabric

A brief history of feedsack fabric. Popular Patchwork


An informational site on feedsacks and how they were used by thrifty people. Quilt History


Brief history of the feed sack. Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics


Feed sack quilt history. Buchanan County Iowa Historical Society


A comprehensive article on feedsacks, the different types, how the sacks were used, preparing the sacks. Springfied-Greene County Library

Find a Fabric Store

Locate a fabric store new you - over 3,600 stores nationwide.

Foil Instructions PDF

To add shimmering depth to your fabric try foiling. Here are step-by-step instructions. Laura Murray Designs

How to Cut Fat Quarters...

Learn how to cut fat quarters from a yard of fabric.

Quilt Fabric - Prewash or No Prewash

Quilt Fabric - Prewash or No Prewash

If you prewash fabric, how do you prevent fraying? Learn some techniques on how to stop fraying.

Quilted Fabric - How to Make Your Own Quilted Fabric

Quilted Fabric - How to Make Your Own Quilted Fabric

Learn a quick and easy way to make quilted fabric.

Sheets - Quilting with Sheets

Save money... By using sheets you can save money when quilting. Sandreas Baby Quilts

What is a fat quarter & Why use one?

A brief explanation. Garden Web

What is a fat quarter?

A question and answer site about fabric fat quarters. Answer Bag

What is a Fat Quarter?

Explanation of a fat quarter and how to cut them. Quilter's Review

WRBQ, Inc. Quilters Guide & Directory

QRBQ, Inc. has a directory of quilt shops and also quilt events.

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